Nov 062012

“If we put the baby on your chest before cutting the cord, all the blood would run out of the baby back into you and the baby would die.” – OB to mother, explaining why the cord needed to be cut immediately.

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  30 Responses to ““…All The Blood Would Run Out Of The Baby Back Into You…””

  1. Of course it would! Just like all your blood runs into your feet when you’re standing up. Oh, that doesn’t happen? Hmm…

  2. We need a MYOSW drinking game. Everytime someone says something about the blood leaving the baby like this we all take a shot. (pregnant ladies can take a shot of apple juice. ;-) )

  3. Which would explain what happened to your brain then? They didn’t cut your cord in time?

  4. This isn’t mine per se, but it was said to me. My OB basically called me an “internet doctor” because I was doing my own research. Of course, he worked hard to convince me he knew better than I did because he had a degree.

  5. “If you don’t cut the cord immediately, all the blood will drain out of the baby and he’ll die. Also, all the blood will drain out of you into the baby and you’ll die and he’ll explode. Any other questions, or do I need to firewall Google from you?”

  6. aahhhhh so thats whats wrong with my baby, i thought he just had a bad cold but apparently its a delayed effect of not cutting his cord till after it had stopped pulsing. wish someone had warned me!

  7. The 8 month old sleeping peacefully next to me would beg to differ. I guess it was just a miracle he survived since we didn’t cut his cord until an hour after he was born *rolls eyes*

  8. Doc, repeat after me,

    It’s not a hose.
    It’s not a hose.
    It’s not a hose.

  9. Liar, liar, pants on fire…

  10. Next thing he’ll be telling us is that the child is already completely present in the semen, and that the body of the woman is just a vessel to help growing it. When will these antiquated statements stop?!

  11. This is just so patiently false taht this doctor’s MD should be revoked! Knowing what I know now I would tell the doctor that his statement was pateintly false and there was more than enough scientific evidence to the contrary and that I would be leaving with my records! There is no reason for this.

  12. Odd, I must be looking at 2 zombie babies in my living rooms whose cords weren’t cut until they stopped pulsating with the first and 40 minutes after birth with the second (while on my chest, and oh my, with the placenta in a ziplock bag)….
    Oddly enough, the blood didn’t drain out of my babies. They must be freaks I suppose.

  13. Interesting. My dead baby is hitting me with a lightsaber right now.

  14. Mama Wrench already explained this pretty well but she totally left out the last part. After baby explodes and Momma explodes, the hospital would be flooded with their blood and everyone else in the building would drown.

  15. Basic biology FAIL!

  16. My doctor said something to this effect too. He said to do “delayed” clamping he would have to hold the baby near the floor so the blood didn’t run backwards?

    • Some of them really do seem to believe it. That, or they write such nonsense for the attention it gets them.

      written by Dr. Jinks of Fair Oaks Women’s Health in Pasadena

      • Oh, that’s lovely, but look at the rest of their site!

        “Epidurals cause your legs to be too weak to support you, so pushing is usually done in a semi-reclining position, which is actually a very good position for pushing!”

        ” Why is it that the articles about Pitocin are always so critical? This is an extremely important medicine in the OB world!”

        “Some people begin perineal and vaginal massage weeks before the delivery to try and stretch the vaginal opening to help avoid episiotomy. This might work, but also might cause the vagina to remain somewhat stretched in the future. “

        • I wish my OB had given me all this “information” instead of just agreeing with everything I said. I would have run for the hills if I had known. I have to give this practice points for honesty.

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