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“Oh, she just had a little Vagal response.” – L&D nurse while laughing as the husband watched concerned as his wife’s heart rate dropped as did the baby’s also.

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 November 3, 2012  L&D Nurse, labor  Add comments

  11 Responses to ““Oh, She Just Had A Little Vagal Response.””

  1. “At our fine medical institution, you will be monitored constantly for the slightest problems with either mother or baby so we can mobilize our best medical technology to ensure your safety. And since laughter is the best medicine, the first thing we’ll do is ignore the monitors and laugh at you.”

    Oy. I hope the nurse was just trying to keep the husband calm while she was summoning a doctor for the doctor’s opinion.

  2. Laughter at someone worried about his wife and child is not the best response.

  3. “I don’t want you to lose faith in the medical machine so I’ll pretend this happens all the time and explain it with a word you’ve never heard”

  4. And this is funny… how??

  5. So we’re suppose to give birth at the hospital in case something goes wrong but then when something goes wrong, you just laugh about it? Sure, that makes sense.

  6. A sudden, severe drop in blood pressure is just HILARIOUS! Everyone laugh!

    Oh, wait… that other thing. Not funny at all. Not even remotely funny. Maybe you should check on the mother to figure out WHY there is a problem? You know? Your JOB.

  7. So here’s the story:

    I fell at about 8 months pregnant, and I hit my belly in the process. Went to the L&D at our local hospital to get checked out.

    When I got there, they wanted to IV me and take some blood tests that my midwife hadn’t been able to get yet. I didn’t mind, but I needed my hubby to hold my hand. I warned them that I have a very bad reaction to needles, including drop in heart rate, low blood pressure, and passing out. These are the symptoms of a [vaso]vagal response.

    They lined up a nurse on each side to stick me, and hubby chased them off. I was holding his hand while they prepared the IV, then they pushed him aside so they could get to the other hand before he could get to my other side to help me.

    I had a reaction… heart rate and BP dropped, and I got dizzy and the world turned black. The monitor showed my baby’s HR dropped too. Three additional nurses came running in, and they did a lot to make sure I was OK before they left, but I still didn’t like the fact that I had been treated so badly to begin with. I wouldn’t have had that reaction if they hadn’t done that.

    I did not see the doctor till the next morning. She wasn’t in the hospital, and they called her and she said that she didn’t want to go up there till tomorrow unless it was an emergency.

    When she finally did come in, she wanted me to stay until 8PM to be monitored, because I’d had some braxton Hicks during the night… AKA, how can we keep you till you give birth?

    And of me and my three kids and my husband, and all the hospital visits for all of us, this was in the three best experiences.

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