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“Not circumcising is just gross.” – Childbirth educator during a childbirth class.

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 November 3, 2012  Childbirth Classes, circumcision  Add comments

  31 Responses to ““Not Circumcising Is Just Gross.””

  1. Wow, way to be an informative educator there.

  2. Your face is gross!

  3. Unless its your penis or you are planning on having sex with him, your preference doesn’t matter. And if you are, we have bigger problems than if he’s cut or not.

    • Exactly! I have NEVER understood the (many) women who’ve told me they got their sons circumcised because they prefer circumcised sexual partners. Sorry, but if you’re basing your son’s genitals off of what you prefer for sex, you’ve got WAY more issues to deal with than whether or not to get your son’s perfectly healthy penis trimmed…

  4. well pooping is gross, but we all still do that. and snot is gross but we all still sneeze. and i change diapers all day, with boys of each kind, and circumcision is much less my concern than what toddlers had for lunch.

  5. Being so grossly biased and openly displaying it is gross too.

  6. “Just gross” doesn’t come across as education to me.

  7. Professionalism. Get some.

  8. Now there’s some evidence-based information for ya!

  9. And you opinion matters…why? Is he your son? Are you his mother? Did YOU carry & deliver him? Did you pay MY medical bills?! Goodbye!

  10. No, not circumcising is not gross, it is respectful of your son’s right to body integrity and to making his own decisions when it comes to his penis.

  11. So are you saying you are gross too? Because you do realize you also have a foreskin. (Assuming this person was female)

  12. I’m sorry, are you going to be changing his diapers? Having sex with him? Then why does your personal, non-medical and non-professional opinion matter?

  13. And I’m assuming that “gross” is the appropriate medical terminology here, ain’t so? ::rolls eyes:: Professionalism and common decency. You’re doing it wrong.

  14. I hear some people in support of female circ use the same argument.

  15. Ugh, as the mom of an intact 9 month old, I hear this all the time, mostly from my family. The level of ignorance in this country regarding this issue is astounding.

  16. Especially coming from a childbirth educator this is odd. There’s absolutely nothing about childbirth that’s more gross than normal newborn genitalia. (I can think of about fifty things related to childbirth alone that are worse)

  17. First of all, it’s gross that you think that a)genitalia with all it’s functional parts is gross, b)anyone other than the owner of the penis has dominion over it, and c)your opinion should be presented like this in a professional setting.

    Tell me, what’s more gross: having to clean urine and feces off of an open wound multiple times each day, or wiping the whole, unwounded penis off as you would a finger?

  18. Weird, I’ve never thought my fiance’s penis was gross and it’s not circumcised.

  19. So, if I do, I’m asinine, if I don’t, I’m gross. Tough choice…

  20. This one is also mine. The CBE had asked for everyone having a boy to raise their hand and then asked if we were planning to get them circumcised to keep it up. When I didn’t she got a nasty look on her face said this response then asked why. That was when I told her all of my research and she litteraly told me to be quite. After my son was born the doctor showed up to circumcise him them looked actually relieved when I told him I did not want it done.

    • So she sought out the information and then tried to ridicule you when you answered her question, and then when you defended yourself, she wanted you to stop the conversation she started? Unreal.

    • Wow, this nurse is a real chicken. She’s so scared you’ll convince the other parents to change their minds that she doesn’t let you present any evidence for them. (Sounds like an agenda to me.) Wow, in a ‘class’, you’d think they’d want to educate the parents. Apparently not.

    • If she was a childbirth educator for the hospital I’d suggest reporting her to the administration for massive unprofessionalism.

      If she was an independent childbirth educator I’d be sure to post reviews warning other people away.

  21. well i bet she still thinks sex and private parts are icky and your teaching provide information as unbiased as you can make it and let the educated masses make their own decisions

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