Nov 022012

“When you’re done having that baby, make an appointment and we’ll get you on some birth control.” – Doctor to pregnant woman who indicated that natural family planning was her birth control method of choice.  She was not being seen for a pregnancy issue with this doctor.

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  6 Responses to ““…We’ll Get You On Some Birth Control.””

  1. “Oh, perhaps you don’t remember, but two minutes ago you asked me what form of birth control I would be using, and I said Natural Family Planning. So I won’t need to make an appointment because I regulate my fertility myself. So glad to clear that up!”

  2. “We won’t get any kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies for you understanding how your body works, so let us take charge for you.”

    Fixed it.

    (Love my CNM practice – they asked me to bring my charts so they could include them with the rest of my info, AND after I told them I wasn’t interested in BC they offered info on signing up for NFP classes.)

  3. I love the way so many docs seem to think that choosing NFP=never wanting to become pregnant, and each pregnancy in a NFP woman is a failure of the method!

    Most couples I know who practice NFP very definitely want to start or grow their family. When they are ready. Without using hormones that can mess up their cycles and their health!

  4. Hey, Doc, I’m sorry that I forgot you are deaf and all.(Nothing against the deaf community,)but can I just write my wishes down and put them in my medical file for you? That way you will maybe understand me.

  5. Oh, thanks, I already have a pretty awesome birth control method. But if you’ve got anything else that is safe, effective, without any side effects and also helps me know my body so I can easily achieve a pregnancy whenever i want to, I’m all ears!

  6. This was said at the end of a horrible visit with a new doctor. I had gone to him for a thyroid screen since all my family on my mother’s side has a thyroid problem. He started in on my pregnancy and scoffed at my response when I told him I used NFP and that when I wanted to get pregnant, I did, and when I didn’t, I didn’t. He had a few other things to say, some of which I submitted already. When I got to my car I felt to degraded by his tone and the way he treated me that I cried for quite some time. I refused to see him after that and even cringe at seeing any of the other doctors in that office.

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