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“You don’t want to see that…. just watch the Discovery channel!” – OB to a mother having her second cesarean, when the mother said that she wanted to see the surgery to feel more involved in the birth.

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 November 2, 2012  Cesarean, OB  Add comments

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  1. Obviously she does want to see it, otherwise she wouldn’t have asked. OP, I hope you got what you wanted and felt involved when your precious baby entered the world. I know I would probably want to watch if I needed a c-section, mainly out of curiosity. I am a very curious person, it’s one of my biggest flaws. (or strengths, since it does lead me to ask questions and learn new things)

  2. Lizzie, yes I did! I promptly changed doctors, and the new doctor let me watch with a mirror, and even stopped after he had her half way out, turned her around, waved her arm at us and said, “Hi, Mommy, Hi, Daddy!” He even asked to make sure I saw her before taking her the rest of the way out! It was so sweet of him to do that, and if I had to be stuck with a c-section, it was nice of him to give me that as a sort of “birth story” in place of having a real one. :-)

    • You do have a birth story, the story of how your DD came into the world. Just because she was born surgically doesn’t mean you didn’t give birth and she was not born.

    • Sort of a birth story? Girl, that is a hard core birth story! I have no worries about my ability to handle natural childbirth, but I don’t think I’d ever be tough enough to watch my own c-section. My hat is off to you, your amazing mommy machisma, and your healthy happy little one!

      • ^^ THIS!! This IS a birth story and a darn good one! I have been a vet tech and can handle all sorts of blood and gore but I have serious doubts about even being awake if I end up having to have a c section, LET ALONE watching it!!

        My mom’s ob promised they could set up the mirrors so she could watch me be born by c section but I decided to come early and the crew on staff for my emergency c section not only refused but had some MOBSW worth stuff to say when mom tried to convince them. She was unsuccessful, I should submit some stuff from my birth, the stories mom has told over the years have been entertaining in retrospect, not quite the word to use for at the time though.

      • Totally YES! I’m so astounded that you had that kind of strength! This birth story would make a great “Thoughtful Thursday”!

        Thank you for sharing! This was the best post I’ve seen all day!

    • I’m glad you got a doctor who honored your wishes and your birth was a good experience for you.

      Your daughter’s birth *is* a birth story, btw, no matter she arrived. :-) Whether you can see it or not, whether you pushed or a doctor pulled, every baby has a birth story. :-)

    • So glad you got to watch! I watched my second C-section too, but it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. The reflector for one of the lights happened to be aimed just right for me to see everything clearly. I didn’t say a word because I was too scared they’d change the angle and take that away from me. The (different) OB on my first C-section wouldn’t even let my husband watch.

    • Like others said, that is a real birth story. I am so glad you were able to find a doctor to support your desires and even go that extra step to make sure you saw her being born. Stories like that make me smile.

    • I’ll have to echo everyone else here, even though I think I understand the point you were trying to make! No matter how a baby comes into the world, every mother has a birth story for every baby. It might not be the story you planned for but it’s one nonetheless!

  3. My birth is going to be on the Discovery channel? How much am I getting paid for that? I don’t remember signing a consent form, is that included in the blanket form at admission? Names and locations changed to protect our identities, right?

    • I went in for one more visit, because I was so astounded the first time I was speechless. I said, “You know, I checked with the Discovery Channel, and it turns out they’re not airing my birth after all.” He was completely confused. Didn’t even recall saying it. I told him I was shocked at how rude it was, and he just said he doesn’t “do that.” No apology or anything. I walked right out, up to the front desk, and said, “Please transfer my records immediately to the following obstetrician. You couldn’t pay me to have my child delivered by this doctor.”

  4. I always said that I’d I’d ever need a C-section, I would want to watch. And really, except in the case of somebody who passes out at the sight of blood, why not let her see it if she wants to? I know a man who watched his own leg amputation surgery and he found it fascinating.

    • If, Lord forbid, I ever need a c-section I would want to watch, I’ve always been fascinated by surgery and I would want to see my child enter the world. However, I would not want to watch my own amputation… It would so creepy!

    • Yep. I have never been one to be grossed out by blood or anything, and I always watched allergy injections and stuff and found it fascinating, too. I actually didn’t watch the entire surgery. They waited until they had me open and then turned the mirrors over when they were ready to go in and “grab” her. I do remember seeing the pool of liquid gathered under me that was contained by some kind of either bowl-ish design or plastic pulled up on all sides so that it worked like a big bowl… but what these doctors don’t realize is that other than the few people who WOULD pass out at the sight of blood, most people are so fascinated at seeing their child that they probably won’t even notice anything else! I don’t even remember specifically looking at the pool around me… I remembered it afterwards as an afterthought. I actually would have enjoyed watching the whole surgery, but I was fine with being able to watch only the “birth” part. They probably didn’t want me watching much else anyway, since I’m an attorney, and there’s sort of a liability risk there.

  5. I asked for the drape to be lowered during my c-section and the nurse just laughed at me and said, “we can’t do that!” Ha! 3 years later, the hospital I had my surgery at is implementing the natural cesearean at my prompting! The nurse that laughed at me does not work in that department anymore.

    • My first was a c-section; at the time, my husband was in college and was seriously considering becoming an OB/GYN, so he asked if he could observe and was repeatedly refused. Considering he’d already watched his own foot surgery (under local; had several sea shells removed from his foot) and didn’t get so much as queasy, I really wish they’d taken his word for it… I know I couldn’t have handled it, but he really felt cheated.

    • That is awesome!! I’m going to share this with a bunch of mamas I know will appreciate it!

  6. What if I don’t have a television and therefore, can’t watch the Discovery channel? Will you let me witness my child’s birth then?

  7. So glad you switched OBs and got to see your sweet baby girl enter the world. =D I’m currently planning c-section for this little one and already discussed watching the surgery, my OB saw nothing wrong with my request. :)

  8. the anesthesiologist at my c section said to us, if you want to watch you can see it in the lights, we didnt even ask! and we did watch, hubby more than me i was more focussed on what i could feel etc. it was a great experience. my second the asked if i wanted a mirror to see his head, and for some reason i said no! im so disapointed now, i was just so in the zone i dont think i was paying attention

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