Nov 022012

“Can you turn that off for liability purposes?” – OB to father who was audio recording the birth of his child hoping to catch the first cries.

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 November 2, 2012  informed consent, OB  Add comments

  25 Responses to ““Can You Turn That Off For Liability Purposes?””

  1. If you can show me where in your hospital’s policies it says I cannot have recording devices. It will remain on while we wait. Thanks.

    • The hospital my daughter was born at made us sign a paper that said that still photos were allowed during birth but video was not allowed.

    • The hospital in my town sends a info booklet to all the pregnant women planning on delivering there. it includes info abut rountine tests, labor signs, phone numbers, copies on consent forms to read, etc,and has the hospital’s policy on video and audio taping. If a staff memeber says to stop recording for whatever, they must stop. It it is also posted.

      • What if they are not necessarily aware of the device? Especially with an audio recorder, I could see it being left unmanned simply so the partner could provide support.

  2. “No, I’m keeping it ON for liability purposes.”

  3. So, what are YOU hiding, doc?

  4. Nothing like a good cover your rump rule, ain’t so?

  5. As soon as my husband complied the OB put up a drape and cut an un-medicated surprise episiotomy. I panicked and stopped pushing, and she told me that I had a “slight tear” and needed to focus.

  6. Hospital and doc policies like this are such BS! It infuriates me!

  7. Wait, this was just an AUDIO recorder??? What the crap? I can understand VIDEO recorders, and not all nurses/doctors want their images recorded for posterity. Especially if the parents plan on posting the video on Youtube/Facebook. But I don’t see WHY they wouldn’t be okay with audio unless they had done or were planning to do something illegal/sue-worthy.

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