Nov 012012

“You’re doing great with your baby, I’ll do my best to only come in when you’re already awake and feeding to check you. I can see you just want to get to sleep.” Night shift postpartum nurse introducing herself at the beginning of rounds.

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  2 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “You’re Doing Great With Your Baby…””

  1. Hey, a nurse that understands the importance of a new Mom getting some reasonably decent rest! Awesome!

  2. I don’t remember how it was with my first three, but with the fourth the nurse shift changes happened at 7pm and 7am, which was very nice. And the night nurse was very good about only taking vitals/etc when I was already awake. Only problem was I had such a hard time sleeping in the hospital anyway, it almost didn’t matter! I got so much more rest when I got home.

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