Nov 012012

“Here’s my cell phone number. Call or text me when you think you’re in labor, not the office line.” – Midwife at 38 week prenatal visit.

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 November 1, 2012  labor, Midwife, Thoughtful Thursdays  Add comments

  8 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “Here’s My Cell Phone Number. Call Or Text Me When You Think You’re In Labor…””

  1. My midwife gave me her phone number at 30 weeks when I switched to her, and did say not to call the office number but call her personally. It was so nice. Call if you need ANYTHING. Nice to see this and it not just be me!

  2. Vive le CNMs…

  3. Isn’t this standard practice?

    • I was going to say the same thing, but I have a HB MW, so what do I know?

      • unfortunately it is not standard practice, if your planning a hospital birth most OB’s and Midwifes will tell you to go to the hospital if you think you in labor, so they can see if your “really in labor” before calling the midwife or doctor.

    • I saw an OB with two pregnancies, and her standard practice was to call the office line when I thought I was in labor, then they would page her and she’d call me back. when I switched to a midwife I was immediately given her personal number in addition to her office line and told to use any number I wanted any time.

    • I have a family practice doc for whom this is standard practice as well. He even told me to call him back from his vacation if I went into labor early… he didn’t feel like his back up would be a good fit for the labor I wanted. Fortunately for him baby waited till he got home. :)

  4. Love me some personalized care!

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