Oct 182012

“I spoke to some of my colleagues and I am meeting with a midwife to ask questions about hibiclens.” – OB to a mother after she had brought up the possibility of using a hibiclens wash rather than antibiotics during labor.

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  20 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “I Spoke To Some Of My Colleagues & I Am Meeting WIth A Midwife…””

  1. Hooraaaaay! Collaboration!

  2. It is so nice to hear of a doctor that admits he doesn’t know everything and is willing to take the time to research and/or consult others! Love it!

  3. Didn’t we have this exact quote already?


    I’m not really complaining- just kind of head scratching.

  4. I’m glad this mama hasa supportive OB, but can someone explain the problem with antibiotics during labour? I’ve never had GBS, so it’s not something I’m familiar with.

    • having to labour with an iv in is not fun at all it limits mobility and possible positions (had one in my hand so I was basically unable to hold anything in that hand or use it for support) and any way who wants a large needle sticking in them when they are in labour?

    • IV antibiotics don’t necessarily mean a continuous IV running. You can have a saline lock and they’ll just hook it up to antibiotics every 4 hours. Antibiotics carry their own risk though such as allergic reactions in the mother or baby and the development of resistant bacteria. Many women are very prone to yeast infections whenever they take antibiotics, so there is the risk of developing that for example on the nipples, which can greatly interfere with breastfeeding. Antibiotics do have a role in labor for GBS positive moms but I think they are being overused and there are other better preventive measures.

      • The things you said about antibiotics. I was afraid of ending up with six months of thrush like I did the first time. I declined the GBS test all together. I was also terrified of laboring with an IV or any kind of needle in my hand because on previous L&D trips for preterm labor and kidney stones, I kept getting it caught on things and it hurt like hell like I was going to rip it off. I was convinced the presence of it would inhibit my labor. Plus my research on the matter didn’t find a strong reason for antibiotics, the research I looked at didn’t find a decreased mortality rate.

    • You always have idiot doctors who insist on giving moms something they are allergic to. There are times when moms do need it, but alternatives should be discussed too.

  5. Go to Ontario coroners report 2010 mother refused gbs prophlaxisis baby died gbs sepsis pen g is narrow spectrum antibiotic unlikely to cause thrush saline lock means iv every 6 hours for10 minutes why is every discovery that lessens the risk of childbirth suspect

    • Ever heard of punctuation? Makes it more readable, and makes you look a little smarter.

      One case isn’t going to convince anybody.

      The reason I refused it is because I have an irrational fear of needles. My water didn’t break until 10 minutes before she was born, so the risk was incredibly minimal. My daughter is fine, she’s over 3 years old now.

      • Any other times you risked your child’s life or just in childbirth how bout not vaccinating for lethal diseases like whopping cough. Or maybe you don’t believe in car seats

        • Do you need me to tell you how incredibly low the risk was? Or you should know. Maybe you just follow protocol without thinking, though. Seems pretty common. Yes, I decided the benefits did not outweigh the risks (you know, panic attacks, fainting, etc.)

          Let me give you a heart attack here…. it was also a VBA2C.

          And my youngest (11 months) rides in a rearfacing carseat… and will remain rearfacing until she outgrows it. Probably between 2 and 3 years old. My 3 year old rides in a forward facing carseat. My 5 year old uses a high back booster and my 7 year old a backless booster. And all but the third are very big and/or tall for their age (she’s around average). We take carseat safety very seriously, seeing as car accidents are the #1 cause of death for children whereas GBS infection is what…. oh, not even on the list.

          No one in my family has had antibiotics in 3 years now. My two youngest have never had any. And they have the strongest immune systems of any kids I know.

        • And I’ll bet you have some of your comments to patients on here. As yours here is a perfect example of “won’t listen to me so I’m gonna try and shame her with something completely different and unrelated”. Pathetic.

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