Oct 122012

“But you need this – how else are you going to feed your baby?  Breastfeeding only works for a few weeks.” – Postpartum nurse after chasing the mother down the hallway after discharge.  The mother had left the formula gift bag in the room.

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  38 Responses to ““…Breastfeeding Only Works For A Few Weeks.””

  1. Where in hell did this person get his/her nursing degree- Nestle’s University?

    The question now is should I tell my husband our children are zombies?

  2. This is incredibly sad, because the nurse sounds like she really believes what she said.

  3. Wow, this is a very sad comment if this nurse really believes this.
    Besides, even if this were the case, does this nurse think the mother would be incapable of going to the store and buying formula if she wanted? This baby would starve without the all-important sample sized can.

  4. If by a few weeks, you mean 29 months then yes…it only worked for a “few weeks” for me and my little guy.

    Geez…. This might be a good sign that you are in the wrong unit of the hospital Nursie-poo. Basic breastfeeding education should be required of all L&D and PP nurses.

  5. “…and here’s how we make sure! Studies show that receiving samples of formula reduces duration and exclusivity of breastfeeding. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this sample and risk meeting your own breastfeeding goals, would you?!”

    Yay for health “care.” :

  6. Bahahahahhaha! So before the invention of formula, all the babies in the human race starved to death after a few weeks, when breastfeeding stopped working. Oh, wait… Oh well, we modern day women must just have mutated boobs that stop producing milk around week 3 :(

    • Yeah, whenever I hear these kind of comments I have a barely resistable urge to say something incredibly sarcastic like: so you think the world sprang into existance in the 1940′s huh? Wow, and they call Biblical Creationists ‘Young Earthers’.

  7. I’m really starting to think my 3 yr old is some kind of genius…. She apparently has a much better grasp of birth and baby care than these so called trained professionals!

  8. Then I must have 5 zombie babies who were all breastfed at least a year. And really “How else are you going to feed the baby?” Does that nurse really think that the tiny sample of formula is going to feed the baby for any substantial length of time? If mom is going to formula feed she is going to have to go to the store to buy formula whether she takes the stupid bag or not.

  9. I’m laughing at the visualization of a nurse dashing through the L&D unit with an outstretched hand holding the oh-so-important formula bag, jumping over isolettes and sliding foot first into the elevator to give the mother her life saving 12oz. of free formula. Wow, good thing she was on shift today or else this mother would have been sent into the big cruel world with only her breasts to nourish her child.

  10. That is so odd I suppose my breast make water then? Because my 20 months old is still breastfeeding and isn’t starving (granted, she’s had some real foods for a while now)…. Hmmmm….

  11. Breastfeeding “only works for a few weeks”? Seriously?

    Can’t believe anyone with any education at all, let alone a NURSE, would say something like that these days. Wow.

    I hope the OP writes a letter to the nurse-manager of that unit and suggests in a kind way that some more lactation education might be needed on that unit.

    • I agree with the suggestion to send a letter. The nurse may be assuming the mother is going to go back to work full-time in a few weeks, but the way it’s said, the nurse has communicated a belief that breasts only produce milk for a month or two at the most.

  12. My husband, who knows very little about breast feeding says, “Wait, breast feeding works as long as you do it, right?”

    If he knows more about nursing than a Nurse, I weep for humanity.

  13. My 8 month old exclusively bf daughter begs to differ, and has never tasted formula, or pumped/frozen milk. She’s perfectly happy and healthy.

  14. Lol! Gotta tell my mom this one! She breastfed me ’til I was a year old straight.

  15. makes me wonder what my 4 kids have lived off of. only one has weaned so far and she weaned at 2yrs.

  16. If by a “few weeks” you mean 100+, then Yes a few.
    And by then she can just have a slice of pizza :)

  17. You gotta wonder how we managed to survive as a species and live on this planet for as long as we have if that were the case. All babies would’ve died and we wouldn’t be here to have this conversation, would we?

    The more I read this site and my own background in medicine tells me that people just don’t THINK anymore.

  18. Hmmm. I wonder what my DD was getting for nearly three years?

  19. Even if this was true, why on earth couldn’t the mother just drive to the nearest Wal-Mart and buy a can of formula? I think the lack of logic behind the “this goody bag of formula will sustain your child for the first year of his/her life” bugs me more than the “breastfeeding only works for a few weeks” nonsense!

  20. Holy crap what have i been doing all this time!!!!

    its sad that this nurse sees so many women give up in the first weeks that she truly believes this :( our society is so broken

  21. Buh? Granted, I know BFing is very hard for a lot of women and a lot of them throw in the towel, but um…

    The very sweet lactation consultant at my hospital gave us extra formula, but I was completely unable to breastfeed, so I’m glad I had that. But giving it to a breastfeeding mom really annoys me…

    • You know, I don’t know that I even have a big problem with them offering it. What I have a problem with is them shoving it down a woman’s throat. I’m sorry you weren’t able to nurse!

  22. yeah, once i stop laughing, i’m going to tell my 3 yr old to explain it to you LOL, she really likes her momos

  23. HA. I’m another one with a nearly-three daughter and a two-month old who has been nursing straight through. I anticipate that the milkiness will be just as milky when Younger Girl is 2, so yeah.

  24. Hmm, maybe that is the reason my 7 week old has been spitting up so much the last few days, my milk went bad. And I was thinking it was because of the cow’s milk I put on my cereal.

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