Oct 102012

“Your baby is just too big!” – OB while explaining to a mother in labor why she needed a cesarean section.  Baby ended up only weighing 6lbs 7oz.

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  26 Responses to ““Your Baby Is Just Too Big!””

  1. There needs to start being greater accountability for surgeons making care decisions based on data that is proven inaccurate. Like when you do a section for a “big baby” that is under 7lbs. Ugh.

    • I agree. Before a doctor performs a c-section for a big baby, the doctor should sign an agreement with the insurance company stating that in the event the baby is under the predicted weight by more than six ounces, the doctor will not only not charge insurance for his/her surgical services, but will personally shoulder any other costs associated with the cesarean section (the lengthier hospital stay, the anesthesia, etc.)

  2. We shall call her Ginormica!

  3. On the flip side, when I gave birth to my 10 lb, 3 oz baby vaginally, I had people ask “Why didn’t you get a c/s?”

    I found the question so dumb that my canned response was “Because I obviously didn’t need one.”


    • I got that too when my youngest showed up big on ultrasound at 36 weeks. “So you are going to have a c-section then?” “No. Why would I?” “Well, you don’t want to hurt yourself”. (Laughing) “yeah, cuz a big cut in my stomach won’t hurt!”

    • My third was born by c-section. I have had people say, “Well, those third babies are often the biggest…” My third was my smallest. She was 7lbs 8oz, exactly 2lbs smaller than my middle child.

      • TWO! TWO pounds!

      • My third was my smallest full term also, 3 pounds less than my firstborn. My middle child was the same weight, but a month preemie, so who knows what he would have weighed if he had been able to go longer. That’s 8 lb 10 oz for my oldest, 5 lb 9 oz for my others.

        The little ones had to be stubborn and breech, so my only vaginal was my biggest. My OB for my third said if that baby would have just flipped, the whole thing should have been an easy vaginal delivery.

      • My third was also my smallest. She was 7 pounds, 1.5 ounces, while my biggest (the first) was 8 pounds, 15 ounces. Interestingly, I was pregnant with the first for the shortest amount of time (41w2d) and pregnant with the third for the longest amount of time (42w3d).

    • My first was 8 1/2lbs and my mother who was at her birth said afterwards she was so big I should have had a c-section. Because that totally makes sense. Funny thing, my second baby was over 9lbs and no c/s comments, but she is totally bragging to everyone she knows about her “chunky” grand-baby.

  4. OK, so much for that excuse. Now what was the real reason you sliced me open?

  5. “Well doc, your head is huge, but it still seems to fit in your ass just fine, so I think I’ll try vaginal delivery, kthxbye.”

  6. Some of these comments are cracking me up! You guys are great! I wish I could’ve made a smart ass comment to the doc who told me my 6lb 7oz baby was too big to be born vaginally. Unfortunately, he made this statement while I was in active labor and it’s hard to be witty during contractions. Instead I yelled at him, “Don’t bullshit me.” I doubt he believed it himself, he probably just said my baby was too big as a way to pacify me. I had been in hard labor for 4 days with ruptured membranes without much progress. I was up against a wall, fighting for more time, but everyone kept telling me to give up and have a c/s. I suppose the doctors wanted me to feel like the situation was out of my control. If the baby was “too big”, then it’s no one’s fault if I have a c-section. It’s not the doctor’s fault or my fault for not trying hard enough. It would have been easier for me to consent to a c/s if my doctors had simply been honest about why I actually needed one.

  7. Yes, I did end up agreeing to a c-section. Not because the doctor had convinced me my baby was too big. It was because she started showing signs of distress.

  8. Baby Too Big :: Nope
    Doc Too Dumb :: Yup

  9. Well, of course. Everyone knows that 6lb, 6oz is the cutoff.

  10. The real issue I see is this:
    Doc: you need a c-section because the baby is just too big
    Mom after birth: but my baby was only 6lbs 7oz!
    Doc: well now you know that you just can’t birth a baby over 6lbs. I recommend induction at 36 weeks or repeat c-sections for all future births.

  11. So what weight constitutes “too big”? Can I see the research supporting that ludicrous statement? Oh, there isn’t any? Right. Cause you just pulled that out of your ass!

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