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“I’ll give you 20 minutes then I’m going to cut you.” – OB to VBAC mother who had dilated from 0-9 cm in 4 hours and then had not progressed to complete after 30 minutes.


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  19 Responses to “Amazon Gift Card Winner! “I’ll Give You 20 Minutes, Then I’m Going To Cut You.””

  1. Let me guess, her labor stalled when Dr. Scalpel walked into the room.

  2. Oh food grief.

  3. Oh good grief.

  4. And what would be the reason for this “cutting,” as it was so eloquently stated? I’m eager to learn if mom was bullied further into a C-section or got to prove Dr. Impatient wrong.


  6. Sorry to hijack the post but everyone on here seems so knowledgeable. Could you recommend any good pregnancy books for someone hoping to be pregnant very soon? :-)

    • Birthing From Within

      Steer very clear of What to Expect! It is very informative of the medical procedures, but makes many things that are usually unnecessary seem dire!

      Check out Birth Without Fear on Facebook, excellent page.

    • I’d also recommend How To Have A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor. It’s mostly not about pregnancy or childbirth (though it does have some great info), but it’s a great book for expecting moms because it’s all about how to manage your child’s minor ailments or injuries at home, how to recognize when a trip to the doctor is actually worthwhile, and why doctors have a tendency to overreact and over treat. It’s written by a pediatrician and has a very level headed, scientific perspective that is useful through pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood.

    • The complete guide to pregnancy, childbirth, and the newborn. By Sheila Kitzinger

    • “Birthing The Easy Way”. Google it. It’s self-published and hard to find.
      “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth”.

    • I just came across a review written by a birth blogger I trust for a new book by Henci Goer (who wrote The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth) and Amy Romano (a midwife with home and hospital experience). It’s called Optimal Care in Childbirth: The Case for a Physiologic Approach. It sounds fantastic.

    • Aside from books I’d highly recommend to watch the documentaries the business of being born (and sequel). I think every mom to be should see that.

  7. Because threats really help sphincters open!!
    Idiot doc.
    Get out, I’ll call you when I neeD you, which will be in about, oh, say, NEVER!

  8. Does anybody else picture this doctor with some sort of gang emblem shaved into the side of his head? “I’m going to cut you!”

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