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“I’m afraid this baby is going to be huge! You’re not going to be able to have him vaginally! He’s got to be at least eight pounds!” – OB to mother who is 6 feet tall and a size 16 when not pregnant.

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  1. Because all women are the same in terms of their bone structure. Except for short women, who can’t birth babies over five pounds. But tall women can’t possibly birth a baby over seven and a half pounds because no woman can birth a baby over seven and a half pounds. Eight pounds is pathologically huge and will kill the mother, the baby, the father, and the doctor if a vaginal delivery is attempted.


    I wonder if doctors who say things like this actually believe it, or whether they’ve just fully bought into the idea that women need to be manipulated into medical procedures because it’s just better that way for reasons no one really knows.

    • Don’t forget the UPS guy! He will die instantly, killed by the shock waves this giant 8 pound baby will make while being born! :D

      • A ten-pound baby will also result in the death of the UPS guy’s gerbil.

      • Well, the UPS guy is already included in that statement with me, since DH works for UPS. :) Interestingly enough, my little 5’3 1/2 self managed to birth a 7lb 10oz baby Tuesday night, vaginally. I guess there’s a few zombie student OB’s and nurses over at the university now in addition to my husband and myself. Oh, and of course, this LO sleeping right next me is obviously a zombie baby, too.

        • Congratulations!

        • Congrats! I love to hear stories like that. After a cesarean for CPD and being told I was “too small” to ever birth vaginally, my 5′ self has pushed out 2 babies between 6 & 7 lbs. Then my last baby stunned all of us by being 9lb 3oz with a 15in head that wasn’t even noticeably molded.

          • His head wasn’t molded, either. I don’t remember the measurements, I was a bit out of it, all I cared about was holding and cuddling him. Of course, the entire labor from water breaking to holding him was just over two hours, with about ten minutes of pushing.

        • I am 5’4″ and birthed an 8lb. 7oz. vaginally. I survived!! :-D

          • My biggest was 8lbs 4oz. I also had a 7lb 6oz and a 7lb 11oz. No one ever believes me when I tell them, though, because I am a pretty small woman and apparently anything over 5lbs is “too big” for me.

    • My cousin, who is 5’0″ gave birth to a 9 lb baby, then a 10.5 lb baby and THEN her next was just over 11 lbs! She’s 100 lbs soaking wet. I don’t want to hear that crap from doctors!

      • No Joke, my 4’11″ grandmother gave birth vaginally to my 13.5 lb uncle (her 6th baby).

        • Yeah, but back then, they’d pass her ability to do that off as “it’s because he was your 6th. The opening is bigger.”

          I got those comments after I had my 2nd and 3rd when I said I didn’t tear at all. “Well, that’s because it wasn’t your first baby!”

          • Tell that to my first baby, who was 9 pounds with a huge head. I’m 5’4″ and 105 lbs not pregnant. He was born at home, no complications and a fast delivery! The first midwife I interviewed said I’d have problems birthing due to my size. I found another midwife. :)

      • I got crap from a perinatologist that I was too short to deliver vaginally and my OB was careless to let me. Yeah. I submitted it here in May, actually. Had my baby vaginally. He was 7lb10oz. I’m 4’11″ and 100lbs. Moron.

  2. And what would you say to a Pygmy woman in your care doc? Because if they can birth 8 pounders with no problems, so can I!!!
    I’ll just go squat somewhere far away from you when I’m pushing this giant baby out. ;)

  3. 8lbs!!! You call that huge doc!!!! Me thinks you really need to get out in the real world! For what is worth I’m 5′ 7″, was a Aus size 12(US sz 10)prepregnancy and I managed to push(while in a semirecline position) a 9lb 13oz baby(1st bubs) and a 8lb 12oz bubs(no 4) without any difficulties except taking a while. If I can do that I’m sure that barring any other complications the OP is more than capable of pushing out an 8lb bubby. For that matter of fact most women, no matter what size/shape would be able to push out that size baby.

    • I am your size and my biggest baby was 10lbs 6oz born in 2 pushes! I tell people that and their eyes pop out of their heads. lol

      • Well done! No 2 was 10lb but unfortunately due to big head/malpositioning he ended up being emerg csection. I love all the little fat rolls that bigger babies have….all the more to squish and cuddle.

  4. Only one of my babies was under eight pounds, and I’m 5 feet nothin! All of them extremely easy vaginal deliveries.

    Geez doc.

  5. I’m 5’3″ and around a size 6 or 8, and I had an 8 lbs. 11 oz. baby at home…pushed out in 2 min., no less.

    Try again, doc.

  6. I’m 5’1 and my smallest baby was 8bs. She was my first VBAC baby.

    The second VBAC baby was 10lbs 6oz. Guess those didn’t happen.

  7. now, now, wait for the pink link.. maybe the woman was only 20 weeks when he made this estimate?

    my first was 8 lb, and I was 5’6″ and a size 4. oh and that was my smallest, by a long shot.

  8. I’m 5’9 and a size 8 or 10 when not up the duff, my 7lb 5oz son (who was two weeks past due!) could not fit through my pelvis (sunny side up, too.)

    • Your situation absolutely happens, but it’s not the norm (and I know you know that, but I’m just sayin’ for the general public). And, you got a trial of labor. How can a doctor say a baby will truly not fit unless they do a trial of labor?

  9. I am 5’11″ and currently a size 16. I’ve been told by multiple care providers that I have a very generously sized pelvis due to being as tall as I am. I birthed a 9 pound 14 ounce baby without any complications whatsoever at home. He had a 15 inch head. This comment is so silly. 10 ish pounds was a good size for me, it all worked out and we were both very healthy. 8 pounds? Piece of cake!

  10. 4’11 here. I wear a size 3 jeans, size 5 1/2 shoe,and have a size 4 ring finger. Tiny bone structure. I had a 8 lb baby very easily, in less than 4 hours. I only tore because she had a nuchal fist and her little elbow for me.

  11. If “at least 8 pounds” seems HUGE, you might be scheduling too many births ahead of term.

  12. I just love these posts. I am 23 weeks pregnant, 4’10″, and 92 lbs pre-pregnancy. I wear an XXSP. Everyone keeps telling me how worried they are about my small size. I keep saying if my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother could push out 12 babies between them with no problems, and none of them 5′ tall, I’m going to be just fine. But most women in this town are induced, frequently for “big babies,” even women a foot taller than me. It’s a tough cultural standard to break through here.

    • Your body is extremely unlikely to grow a baby too big to birth. Your body is amazing and your hips and pelvis are specifically designed to open and stretch to accommodate your baby. Learn as much as you can in the next four months about optimal positioning, and standing up for your rights. Hire a doula to help you advocate for yourself, and birth that baby *your* way! Go, mama!

      Best of luck with your pregnancy and birth!

      • Thank you! I have no worries about my body’s ability to give birth to whatever baby I grow. I’m planning a home birth and want to avoid those hospitals any way I can! (Barring any potential emergent situations of course.)

    • The only way you might conceivably have a baby who is too big to get out is if you went and married yourself some big Nordic fellow, or a guy from Kenya, or somewhere else where the men are very very tall. Even then he would have to be VERY tall. The kind of person that tall people point out as tall.

      • I married me a 6’3″ all American and my babies were only 7 1/2 lbs. I’m 5’0″ Not that I get to join in with the I birth them all natural because I labored 3 times and got a c-section 3 times. (only the first one was iatrogenic) But my body still grew them to a nice managable size. Mom’s body rules.

      • Not necessarily. I’m short and small, DH’s family is German and they are all big men. I had no issue with any of our four boys being too big.

      • Humans don’t actually work that way, unlike cattle. The baby grows to the size of the mother before birth. My husband is 6’8″ (no, that isn’t a typo) and I’m 5′. I’ve had 3 babies who were under 8lbs & 1 just over 9lbs. All average length (19-21in).

        • Thanks for sharing! My husband & I are hoping to start TTC for the first time soon, and I’ve gotten all sorts of predictions of doom – I’m 4’10″ and my husband is also 6’8″! I was starting to believe them until I heard that you were successful.

    • Everyone told me he’d be too big. He has a tiny head so he could come out. He was 7lb 10oz. I’m about your size, an inch taller. You can do it! I was so scared about not being able to deliver vaginally as I am terrified of surgery, but it was pretty easy! :)

  13. I’m so sick of hearing about 8 lbs being huge. I start to consider a baby on the larger size at 10 lbs and “huge” at 12+ lbs. I’d say that average would be between 6-9 lbs.

    • Yes this! I would say big at 10lbs, but 8lbs is really not big and certainly not ‘huge’ it’s healthy. :)

    • I completely agree. My boy was 8lbs 6oz and even though people keep telling me how big he was, I don’t see it. Maybe it’s because his dad was 11lbs or because my boy ended up in Special Care surrounded by babies much premature than him (he was 38 weeks gestation) and it’s all warped by perception but he just seems average to me.

    • judging by my babies’ birth weights and the amount of difficulty I had getting them out, I’d say th difference between “meh” and “big, but still manageable” is somewhere between 10 lb 4 oz and 11 lb 6 oz. i have no experience yet as to what qualifies too big to push out.

  14. Had a nine pound baby but no c section. Hmmm they must have teleported him out then.

  15. I’m skeptical that there exists more than a very loose correlation between pelvis size in labor and height/weight… But this is just flat out ridiculous. And I don’t care if this was said at a 34-week appointment, either.

  16. Oh, and doc? Your anxiety disorder is not a medical indication for surgery.

  17. I am 5′ 10″ and my son was 7ibs when he was born 4 weeks premature.

    In the same ward as me, there was a tiny lady, not much more than 5′ who had a 13.5 lb baby – vaginally! – with no stitches!! What a woman!

    He was a chubby, gorgeous, happy baby. Everyone made a fuss of him because he was so cute.

  18. Zombie Mommy here! 5’6″ and 130-140lbs (so a US 4-8 throughout my 2 pregnancies)
    1st baby was 7lb 15oz and 21in
    2nd was 7lb 12oz and 22.5 in

    So almost 8lbs and LONG…obviously I couldn’t have done it

  19. 8 pounds?!!!! Himmel! Her uterus is going to explode! Quick, do a c-section and save the world!!!!!

    Did that sarcasm come across clearly enough or do I need to try again?

  20. This makes me feel so sad. I used to have a co-worker who was 6’4″ and built like a linebacker. Her first baby was born vaginally and was 9lbs, 1oz. Her OB convinced her during her second labor that there was no was she could birth her “big baby” and rushed her in for a emercency CS. (He was the same size as his older sister) Her third baby she was talked into a scheduled CS and she felt he was so small at 8lbs.

    • Wow, that is shocking! What was the OB’s rationale, considering that she had one previous vaginal birth of a 9 pounder, so she obviously had a perfectly good pelvis?

  21. As I sit her and type this, I’m surrounded by zombies. All of which were close to or over 9 lbs at birth.

    I just don’t get the big baby hysteria. Sigh.

  22. In just about all the pregnancy literature you read (I use the word “literature” lightly), 8 pounds is considered normal – at least if the book wasn’t written by a doctor. I suspect our definition of normal birth weight decreases by a few ounces every few years or so, to the point where we’ll be saying “That baby is 6 pounds! THat’s huge!” (actually some practitioners we’ve heard from on this site seem to think that anything above 6 lbs is “bad” already.)

  23. Thank you for voicing your fears, but allow me to take this one.

  24. 5’2″ here and I’ve birthed 8 lb. 10 oz. and 8 lb. 12 oz. babies vaginally with no complications. My 8 lb. 10 oz. baby was persistent posterior, too! I really just have to laugh when I hear people say over 8 lbs. is so big. It’s just normal to me! And then I think of all the unnecessary inductions/c-sections and I stop laughing. So sad.

  25. Hmm. I’m 6′, with a generous pelvis and LOTS of room for a baby to get as big as it wants. My earthside babies? Born 7lbs and 7lbs 6.5 oz. I’m 24w with #3, and suspect this one may get a little bigger, but have no proof (and no fear, either).

    Hey Doc – sizeist much?

  26. This was said to me while I was in labor (induction) and was the 4th or 5th comment of the “baby is too big” kind. My sister, also my doula, had finally asked for clarification on what “big” was since our mother had 11 lb. babies.

    I need to clarify that I’m a size 16 when I’m at 18% body fat. I have a HUGE pelvis, or “birthing hips” as my family calls them. My girls were born in 1 or 2 pushes each.

    This was during my first birth which has been posted on before
    I loved all of your comments!

    • I have those hips also! My babies weren’t that big but both were born after just a few pushes with no head molding at all. With my second he was at zero station for a week and I felt normal! I used to say “thanks grandma” sarcastically in regards to the hips, but now I mean it!
      Oh and grandma (5 feet tall or so) birthed my dad who was 9 pounds at birth!

    • I hope you laughed in that OB’s face when you pushed out your “HUGE” baby.

    • Yep, my dr told me my baby was probably too big for my body because he was probably almost 8lbs. I pushed for 10min (trying to slow down), she missed the birth and he was 8lbs 7oz, then I had my 9lb baby at home after a few minutes pushing on a bulgy bag and 6min of pushing after SROM, no tear. And I’m 5’3 and 110lb not pregnant…so, I just call BS on the big baby card and say, like a key in a lock, we’ll see if things fit into place when we get there.

  27. My youngest niece was born at home at 46 weeks and weighed over 11 pounds. It can be done.

  28. Doctor – “I’m afraid this baby is going to be HUGE!”

    Me – “I’m not.”

  29. I’m a touch under 5’1 and my vaginal birth was a vbac. 8lbs14.6oz, after 8 minutes of pushing. 41 week induction, no other meds (epidural), no tearing. I hope this on has to have painful surgery someday then finds out after that it wasn’t necessary.

  30. Ohmygosh! 8 lb! You’d need like, the jaws of life to pry that huge of a baby out of your body!!!11!!!! Huuuuuuuge.

  31. Hi Mods, This seems to be repeating spam, and abuse of the pink my link.

  32. I’m 5’1″ and my son was 9lb 14oz. Nuchal hand, too. No stitches required. He’s still huge at 2 1/2. I’m pregnant again and hoping this one stays in the 8lb range though, lol.

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