Nov 042011

“You have a really shallow vagina… has anyone every told you that before?” – OB during pelvic exam.

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 November 4, 2011  Cervical exam, OB, vagina

  33 Responses to “"You Have A Really Shallow Vagina…"”

  1. Well, a few guys from the football team I was with last night mentioned it, but I thought they were just trying to brag about their own “measurements”.

  2. … And this doctor’s point is? If there’s not a related health concern and the mom has not indicated an interest, no need to volunteer, especially in a way that may be considered rather tactless.

    P.S. – not much distance from one end to the other of the known yoniverse here, and I’m quite healthy, have birthed three babies (so far) just fine, and let’s just say my marriage hasn’t suffered.

    P.P.S. – it’s common enough to have, as this doc says, a “shallow vagina” that it’s mentioned in the kama sutra. Just sayin’.

  3. I know. Just the other day, it was picking on people about their looks, and I’m all like “vagina, you’re so shallow…”

    (sorry. late pregnancy fatigue. very punchy humor.)

  4. Yeah, that interpretation of “shallow” crossed my mind, too… Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones!

  5. oh Goody! So I wont have to push as long to get the baby out? :-)

  6. Uh, all the better to push a baby through?

  7. “has anyone every told you that before?” Uh yeah, because I just let tons of people stick their fingers in my vagina. What a stupid question.

  8. I get the opposite – they complain about “tall girls” (it’s not just my height that’s long). It’s usually been nicely said though, it’s the ones who don’t say anything and are practically ramming their fingers in during a VE to get in far enough…!

  9. Does this OB know that the cervix will rise and fall depending on where a woman is in her cycle? So a “shallow” vagina today may be deeper next week.

    • Probably not. That’s just one of those silly ‘signals’ that people using the FAM claim to use ;-)

      • Yes, silly me for expecting a specialist in female anatomy and physiology to actually know anything about female anatomy and physiology.

  10. Yeah I know. It keeps wearing gaudy jewelry, gossiping to all its girlfriends, and trying to marry a rich husband so it will never have to work a day in its life. It’s completely closed minded and superficial while also being an airhead.

    • ^this :D

      I was trying to think of a witty (snarky) comment with something to do with her (OB’s) intelligence or whatever, but you win.

  11. And you have a really shallow personality has anyone ever told YOU that?

  12. “What are you? A vagina lifeguard?”

  13. I know, I keep trying to tell her it’s what’s inside that counts, but you know vaginae these days…

  14. Uhm. Does he not know how the female body works? If she were aroused & not in a darn Gyn office, her vagina would expand. Not to mention that cervical position changes throughout the cycle. Jeez.

    • Exactly!!! It’s the same as a doctor telling a man he has a really small penis during a physical.

      Poor OP, I’m sorry you had such a dimwit for an OB. :(

  15. Dear Doctor,

    During a pelvic exam, please resist any temptation to compliment or insult a woman on her looks, weight, and/or genital configuration. If it has medical import, save it until after the physical exam is over. If it doesn’t, she doesn’t care what you think.



    P.S. We really shouldn’t have to be explaining this to anyone who wasn’t raised by wolves.

  16. I guess this woman has an advantage during childbirth, then! Shallow vagina equals less pushing. No, but seriously, why would it matter to KNOW about that? Why would the doctor need to point it out?

  17. I keep trying to think of a way this could possibly be clinically significant, but I really don’t know. Does having a “shallow vagina” mean having a thinner perineum, meaning thinner tissue structure? Could it put her at increased risk for pelvic organ prolapse? That’s the only way I could imagine this comment could have relevance and even then it’s just a haphazard guess. But if that was the case one would hope the doctor would have followed this comment up with advice on protecting and/or strengthening her pelvic floor.

  18. Maybe the OB said it because a shallow vagina could cause a little bit more discomfort during sex (depending on position, partner size, etc) and was going to reassure her there was nothing *wrong*? Just on one side of the spectrum than than a long vagina? I dunno. I see it the way a provider would mention a tipped uterus during a pelvic exam. Just a little info given about a part of the body that is difficult for a woman to examine for herself. Not like a hand or foot or something. I just don’t see how this is so offensive. Where are all the pink links lately?

  19. Imagine this being said to a man… “You have a really small penis, has anyone ever told you that?”
    Would ANY doctor ever think of saying that? Of course not.
    In response to the doctor: “Your husband doesn’t seem to mind it!” (Horrible, I know :P)

  20. Is this something akin to what I was told about having a “narrow pubic arch.”

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