Oct 172011

“You need to pump and dump until you finish the course of Reglan I have prescribed for your GI issues.” – GI doctor to new mother who had to be readmitted for gastrointestinal issues shortly after giving birth.

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 October 17, 2011  breastfeeding, postpartum  Add comments

  13 Responses to “"You Need To Pump & Dump Until You Finish The Course Of Reglan…"”

  1. This is why all breastfeeding moms need to invest in a copy of Medications and Mothers Milk. The vast majority of docs, in and out of womens and children’s health, haven’t a clue about medications and breastfeeding outside of the CYA inserts pharmaceutical companies put in the package. Then you need to find the docs out there that do have a clue. I had a great GI doc who was pro-breastfeeding and did the legwork and didn’t advise I pump and dump on Actigall or after conscious sedation.

  2. HAHAHAHA! They prescribed Reglan for me to INCREASE my milk supply. If she did pump and dump, it would have caused tremendous oversupply issues!

    Reglan also gave me a rip roaring case of PPD. Hope this mama had a better experience with it than I did.

    There’s a free iPhone app called LactMed that I’ve found to be very reliable for determining what’s safe and what isn’t when nursing.

    • Thanks for the tip about the iPhone app; that’ll come in handy!

    • (Do you know of any apps that are similar but for pregnancy?)

      • LactMed generally lists what category for pregnancy each med is, as well as the nursing info. I did a search in the app store for “pregnancy medicine” and found several, but none that I’ve used myself so I hesitate to recommend any of them.

        When I was pregnant with my first, 7 years ago, I was only allowed Tylenol, Immodium, Tums, and Sudafed. The acronym made me laugh. :) (Since then they’ve lightened up a LOT – I couldn’t believe all the things I was allowed to take with my 3rd, who just turned 10 months old today).

      • This isn’t an app, but the website safefetus.com is helpful for determining what’s safe to take during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

  3. That’s funny… my midwife actually prescribed Reglan for me as a way to increase milk production!

    • Yup. Reglan and Domperidone are both used to increase milk production. It’s not FDA approved for it, so it’s hard to get prescribed in the US unfortunately.

      The best resource is Dr Hale’s Medicines and Mother’s Milk. It comes out every 2 years (most recent edition is 2010).
      He also runs the Infant Risk Center http://www.infantrisk.com/, which has a very thorough app, tho it is not free, but it is on iOS and Android too.

  4. Idiot! They prescribe Reglan to increase milk supply! It’s not harmful to babies otherwise they wouldn’t give it to breastfeeding mothers to make more milk,

  5. Translation: “I know nothing about breastfeeding but would rather not get sued, so rather than educate myself, I’ll just give the safest instructions I possibly can.”

  6. My OB is great and usually incredibly knowledgeable. However, I was told to do the same thing while on two antibiotics for a uterine infection 5 days post-partum. Both were ok’d 5 days later by the lactation consultant when she got back from vacation. Messed up my supply something awful..

  7. I am the IBCLC who was working with the mother involved. Fortunately we had been in close contact since shortly after she had been admitted and so she called me almost immediately after the Dr. left the room. When she told me his orders I asked her to spell “reglan” off the prescription and actually looked in Hale’s index just to make sure there wasn’t a different Reglan out there. Really a simple google would have shown that it is a common galactagogue.

    Amy – we did talk about PPD as a potential side effect as well. I’m sorry you had that experience :-/

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