Oct 112011

“Do you mind if I break her water to really get labor going?” – OB to L&D nurse.

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 October 11, 2011  AROM, L&D Nurse, OB  Add comments

  12 Responses to “"Do You Mind If I Break Her Water To Really Get Labor Going?"”

  1. Why would the OB be asking the nurse when it’s the mother’s decision? OP I hope you gave the OB a piece of your mind.

  2. WTF? What about asking the mother what she wants instead of one of the care givers??? Is that so hard to do? Oh I forgot, those of us who actually are the ones giving birth don’t know what’s best for ourselves, so why ask us what we want? /sarcasm…

  3. ‘scuse me???? When did the laboring mom become the nurse’s property??

  4. Huh?!? I was assuming this was an OB asking a spouse/partner, which would be jerky enough, but asking a nurse? Mind. Blown.

  5. This is mine. I was laying in bed right next to them when the OB asked the nurse this. Actually, the first part of the conversation was the OB asking the nurse how busy she was and how she felt if they broke my water. The OB was much more concerned with how breaking my water was going to affect the nurse than me. I was pretty stunned and was just thinking, “Is she confused about who’s membranes she plans on rupturing?” And just as I was about to interject, the OB turned to me and said, “So, since it’s ok with the nurse, would you mind?”

    I had the intrathecal, so I really didn’t care one way or another, but just the fact that I was of secondary concern was way weird.

  6. Good thing he asked first… the nurse may have wanted to take her lunch break. What a considerate doctor! Except… well… you know… not.

  7. How it should have gone from this point…

    Nurse: Yes, I mind.
    Doctor: Are you off to break?
    Nurse: No, but I mind because you haven’t asked the woman whose body you want to go poking around in.

  8. Nurse: *turns to patient* He says he wants to break your water.

    Doctor: I can tell her that!

    Nurse: *turns to doctor* Obviously not since you aren’t talking to the PATIENT first.

  9. If the nursing staff is very very busy and it is very very close to lunch or shift change it might be a good idea to ask the nurse if the staff can handle the extra work. BUT DO IT IN THE HALLWAY SO THE MOM DOESN’T FEEL LIKE A PIECE OF MEAT! That is all – thank you!

  10. You’re asking the wrong person, dummy. Not to mention there’s no informed consent here. Risk/benefits & time to think pls?

  11. The context given by the followup pink comment makes the statement way less offensive. I assert the doc shouldn’t have asked the nurse in the hallway, and that it was appropriate to ask for the nurse’s input but she should have prefaced the comment with one to mom FIRST so that the comment wouldn’t end up on this site. Conversations can be three-way. Talking about someone in the hallway is not less offensive. BTW I would take this doc over most, who would not ask the nurse OR the mother and just tell them after!! Really this doc should get a gold star for effort, and a “needs improvement” for actually delivery.

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