Oct 062011

“Oh, sure! We always encourage women who’ve had a section to try for a VBAC! Your scar looks great and I really think that together we can achieve the vaginal birth you want!” – OB to mother.

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 October 6, 2011  OB, Thoughtful Thursdays, VBAC  Add comments

  7 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursdays! “…I Really Think That Together We Can Achieve The Vaginal Birth You Want!””

  1. I love Thoughtful Thursday!

  2. What I really love is the “together” part, not the “I will deliver your baby.” Ideally the provider-client relationship should be a teamwork model.

  3. Yay for thoughtful and respectful care providers! :)

  4. What a nice thought to wake up to. I love Thoughtful Thursdays.

  5. They need a “Like” button for Thoughtful Thursdays.

  6. agree with Telula

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