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“Quickening’s not until 22 weeks.” – OB to mother who told the OB that she had felt her baby move at her 18 week prenatal appointment.

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  71 Responses to “"Quickening's Not Until 22 Weeks."”

  1. I MUST have always been WAY off on my due dates then….. I typically feel baby movements by 16 weeks, with one of my sons I felt him the first time at 14 weeks! I’m 19 weeks now and it’s already to where my husband and boys will be able to feel very soon.

  2. Does anybody even still use that term? The baby kicks/moves whenever the mother says she feels it. Doctor needs to put his outdated book away. How can you even use the concept of Quickening when you can see a heartbeat on ultrasound at 6-8 weeks. There is movement before movement is felt. So what is your point?

  3. Then I just had constant gas from 15-22 weeks???

  4. My second child was felt by me at 10 weeks! Really! It depends more upon where the baby is located. And 22 weeks? Where did this joker of a doc learn about pregnancy?

    • This! I’m 11 weeks in and I can definitely feel the baby. If I’m imagining it, it’s only natural to think so, as I know right where the baby is and I’ve seen it flipping and bouncing in there from an ultrasound a week ago! This is my second child, I felt the first at 18 weeks.

      • Me too! I’m 11 weeks and I swear I feel the little person moving!

      • Yup, same here. Felt my first at 17-18 weeks, my second around 11 weeks. 22 weeks?!? By the time I was that far into my pregnancy not only could I feel movement, I could see it.

        This has to be an OB who has never had children of his/her own.

    • I felt my eldest around 10 weeks, I was *very* slight and have an extremely low pelvis, so everyone else began feeling her tumblings about 5-6 weeks later.
      My other two weren’t as active and I felt them around 12ish.

      All I have to say about OBs, is that if you don’t have a uterus, you don’t get any say.

    • I felt mine this time at 12 weeks. Not very often, but enough to know he was there.

      • I didn’t feel my first one until 18 weeks or so, but my second one, I felt at about 10 weeks, when I leaned over something that pressed just above my pelvic bone. It was unmistakable, and the moment has stuck in my mind over the 36+ years since then!

  5. Wow. I think the mom would know what she felt. We arent brain dead. Most of us know the difference from gas (and etc.) to a baby kicking or moving. Im so happy my OB was 10 times better than this.

  6. I’ve been feeling movement forever, my DH even felt a few kicks before 18 weeks. This OB is ignorant.

  7. Obscure reference here but I can never hear that term without thinking of Highlander.

    And yeah… it was around 11 weeks with my 1st. Even I thought I was crazy until I had an ultrasound a week later and could clearly match the sensation with what was happening on the screen. Even with an anterior placenta with my 3rd, I still felt movement long before 22 weeks, although it didn’t get consistent until after 30.

    • Same here Beth! There can be only ONE! lol… If a caregiver told me that I wouldn’t be able to help myself….

    • Oh, and I felt movement at 19 weeks with an anterior placenta (and here I was thinking I was “late” in feeling anything).

    • That’s what I think too when I hear the word ;)

      I felt my DD at 11wks too. I was very surprised, I wasn’t expecting to feel her so early. Started feeling her more regularly from 14 or 15 weeks.

    • LOL! I was thinking the same thing. AND I felt movement around 16/17 weeks. I know exactly when conception happened because we were in the process of moving from one state to another, and it was a certain weekend. So I know what week it was….

  8. My Dh felt baby moving this time at 17 weeks.

    What a douchenozzle.

  9. Oops! Nope! False! Quickening is whenever the mother feels it. …I felt my little one move VERY early! Like…15 ish weeks.

  10. Ok I must have had a big tapeworm then moving at 15 weeks with my DS and 17 weeks with my DD (anterior placenta).

  11. Oh please, by 23 weeks my son’s kicks were so strong & regular that you could actually see them on video! I think I first felt him move around 14-15 weeks & my husband could feel him moving only a few weeks after that.

  12. Weird, I felt all of my kids around 16 weeks, the 3rd was just before 15 weeks.

    He’s just jealous because he’s never felt it.

  13. I get annoyed with this dumb pregnancy app I have on my iphone. I didn’t realize it at first, but it’s made by “What to expect when you’re expecting,” which, of course, is an almost useless book in the first place. The app gives me updates weekly and daily “advice.” It keeps telling me, “remember, you won’t feel your baby move until many weeks from now.” I’m thinking, I already do! It doesn’t say, “Some women won’t,” it just gives that blanket statement, “You will not feel any movement until X amount of weeks.” So annoying.

  14. Okay, seriously, with this one, I felt quickening at 9 weeks on the side that he was resting on and with my last one I felt her at 13 weeks. This OB is dumb.

  15. I felt movement last week at 14 weeks, which was really early considering my first I didn’t feel until 18 weeks. That said, I haven’t felt it again since then.
    Come on, you know that EVERY WOMAN IS THE SAME and if the textbook says that it’s 22 weeks, that’s what it is!! *eyes rolling*

  16. Quickening? Really? The time the dr gave doesn’t disturb me nearly as much as the term. Yeah, the midwives in the Other Boleyn Girl used the term quickening…for Henry XIII’s mistress in the late 1500′s, early 1600′s when the “sweat” and plague were rampant in England. Every pregnancy thing can happen earlier or later depending on the woman…then again, that assumes the dr knows that all women don’t ovulate on day 14.

  17. I felt DD at 16wks (and so could others), I felt DS1 at 13wks (with others feeling it at 16wks) and DS2 at 11wks (MW had to hold the baby in place for my next appointment to get a heartrate, DH felt it at 12wks).

    Damn…my gas is energetic… and kicks hard.

    • Mine have been completely different every time, but my earliest definite (rather than just thinking it was probably the baby) movement was at 12 weeks with ds2. Dh could feel him easily by 15 wks. Near the end, you could watch ds2 moving from across the room.

  18. Uh, has this doc ever seen an ultrasound? Does he/she think that the fetus is a little blob that hangs around, perfectly still, and suddenly jumps to life at 22 weeks? Or does he believe the mother’s nerve endings in there are dead until 22 weeks, when they suddenly start sensing the baby’s movements? Or what? What a bizarre “statement of fact”.

    I had a 13 week ultrasound this time, and that kid was all over the place. Once I saw that, I knew for sure that what I had been feeling was the baby, even though that’s pretty early.

  19. My cousin is 28 weeks into her first pregnancy. She felt the baby moving at 14 weeks, and her husband could feel the baby by 16 weeks.

  20. Contrast this doctor to my midwife:

    Me: I’m pretty sure I’ve been feeling movement since 12 weeks. Is that really possible?

    Midwife: The textbooks tell me to say no. But of course you know what you’re feeling, and in my experience, a lot of women feel movement that early.

  21. I felt one of mine at 13 weeks. The rest, closer to 16 weeks.
    Dumb doc.
    With this one, I could see the movements on the outside at about 20 weeks, for sure.
    Seriously, at 16 weeks there is about 1/4 lb of PERSON in the uterus. How does this doc think we can’t feel movement!! Really, doc, get your nose out of those stupid textbooks and use your teeny brain for once. It might grow!

    • Well. Um. Mostly right. There’s a WHOLE person in there, just very small and rather underdeveloped. Not quite ready to come face morons like this doc.

      • I said 1/4 pound of person. As in, about 4 oz or so. Definitely a whole baby, you’re right. Also, by 15 weeks the baby’s skeleton is pretty much as ossified as it will get before the birth, so feeling the baby’s movement by then is very possible.

  22. I felt the first movements (butterfly flutters) at 16 weeks and DS was an IVF baby so I could tell you the HOUR he was conceived so I know my dates were 100% correct.

    This doc is full o’ crap.

    Also, thanks pp for the Highlander ref, it gave me a much-needed laugh this morning! :-)

  23. Hahaha. Yeah, I felt my first at 16 weeks and my second at 11/12 depending on dates. And my sister felt her first and second at 16 and 12. It’s not rocket science. It’s our bodies.

  24. P.S. The midwife in my OB’s office asked me at 15 weeks “So, do you feel this kid moving all over the place yet?”

  25. I know that I felt all 5 of mine before this.
    However, at around 22 weeks they were regular enough to start kick counts. Could that be what the Doc is thinking about?

  26. I got something similar from my medwife at my 18 week appointment: “Well you should be feeling the baby in few weeks…” Me: “Yes, actually I have been feeling her quite a bit!”
    The look she gave me was completely nonplussed, as though I was making it up.
    I felt her distinctly for the first time at 15 weeks & there was no mistaking it!

  27. Another vote for “This doc is dumb.” I felt #1 at 17 weeks, #’s 2 and 3 at 11 weeks, and #4 (currently gestating and due in December!) at 10.5 weeks. The midwife was listening in the wrong place with the doppler and I told her that that’s not where the baby is and pointed out where I feel the kicking and then she found the heartbeat immediately just where I said she would- that was the first time I heard this little one’s heartbeat. The next appointment I warned the midwife that the baby was awake and fiesty and I could feel as well as hear the baby kicking at the doppler and swimming away. It was a fun chase. I kept pointing out where the kicks were and the mw would get the heart for a few seconds in the place I was pointing and then I’d feel and we’d hear the baby kick at the doppler and then swim away, and then we’d wait for her to kick somewhere else and I’d point and we’d do the chase again. I heard the heart for seconds at a time the first several months but it was closer to 20 weeks before she held still enough long enough to get a heartrate to write on the charts. Oh and I felt and saw her kick on the outside at 15 1/2 weeks.

  28. wow, that doc is all sorts of stupid! quickening is defined as the first time a MOTHER feels her child move and is not set to a certain gestational week. in fact i’ve felt all of mine BEFORE 10 weeks and it was confirmed through ultrasound that it was really bub causing the flutters in there! but of COURSE a doctors knows EVERYTHING right? even my OB was skeptical until he had me look away from the ultrasound and tell me when i felt a flutter and he was amazed that i really was feeling it!

  29. Um, I felt DD at 17 weeks. I’m 14w tomorrow on this pregnancy, and the little bean is going crazy right now! I know the feeling, I know my body, I know where my uterus is and I for sure know it’s a kid kicking me right now.

    Why are doctors so dismissive of women’s own knowledge of their own bodies?

  30. This is just one of many chestnuts that my doctor said. What made it really strange is that he is a NaPro trained NFP only doctor. I don’t know that it matters, but he was a Family Practice doctor who also did OB.

    I had gone into the appointment very excited and couldn’t wait to tell him that I’d been feeling the baby move all week. He looked at me skeptically and said this with a very dismissive tone of voice. It really deflated me. I had never heard the term quickening used seriously before. He is married and his wife has had four children! This was just one of many things that led me to switch to a midwife practice halfway through my pregnancy.

    • Think what it must be like to be him, though.

      “THe baby looks like he’s smiling at me. It might be that he loves me and is being social — but the books say he won’t smile for another two weeks, so it can’t be true.”

      “The baby said Da-Da, but the books say he won’t say Da-Da until after he says Ma-Ma, so he must not be talking to me.”

      Etc etc etc, including when he has a 4 year old who can read (“You’re not supposed to be able to do that until first grade, son”) and when his 22 year old wants to get married (“Sorry, but true love won’t happen until you’re at least 24.”)

      • Or like when I told my ped that my baby was clapping, and the ped told me that she was too young to do that. Um, we played a clapping game with her all the time and I have it ON VIDEO. Whatever…

    • Good for you for switching!

    • I’m glad you switched. Unfortunately there are bad NaPro docs too. I’ve seen 3 NaPro trained docs. Two of them have proven themselves to me and I trust their opinions. The third I fired during pregnancy when she started giving advice that was completely opposite Dr. H’s protocols, reading my charts wrong and treating me like I was crazy.

  31. Another Highlander geek here, heehee… It’s true that ON AVERAGE (a phrase that every OB should study and learn what it actually means), first-time moms will feel their babies move a bit later – in part because they may not know the feeling to identify it when it’s extremely subtle. That said, I definitively felt my first at 13 weeks, and the others between 11 and 13 weeks (including my anterior placenta baby). I expect to feel this one any time now. :-) Of course, I’ve also been feeling contractions since 6 weeks, but Dr. What-to-Expect probably wouldn’t believe that one either.

  32. At my first official appointment with my first OB we were trying to make small talk during the pap test and he asked how every thing was going and I told him I was feeling baby (at 13 weeks) and he told me, “ooh it’s not the baby, it’s prolly just gas.” I then told him well then I’d hurry up down there if I were you cause I been feeling “gas” all morning!” The nurse laughed out loud. This is the same OB who told me that if I refused the optional genetics tests that my baby would surely die. Oh and another gem from him was when I mentioned having a VBAC, he said oh it’s would just be easier to have a repeat C-section. I said I’d like to at least do trial of labor he came back with I can’t be sure but I think you are the patient with uterine scar tissue, turned out to be a lie too. BIG SURPRISE!!

  33. Isn’t this classic? The woman reports something going on, the OB (occasionally the midwife) looks at the chart, and if the chart says the woman can’t have perceived what she says she has perceived, then she didn’t.

    Pssst: Charts are not magic objects from ancient Atlantis, heavenly blessings, or gifts from the super-advanced humanity of The Fewcha! They are collections of data collated by fallible human beings just like you, Doc.

  34. My first I felt at 14 weeks despite an anterior placenta. This one I’ve been feeling since 11 weeks. I’d like to take a poll to see when women feel the first movements. It seems to me that it is much earlier than the textbooks and obnoxious What to Expect apps say it is.

  35. My best friend swears that she felt a baby move, and knew it was a baby, and went into her OB right away and an ultrasound showed a 8- week baby. She knows it’s crazy…but she didn’t even know she was pregnant, and then she KNEW that she was.
    It’s like Ina May says in Birth Matters- there is such a large possible variation of experience in human pregnancy and birth- it simply can’t be generalized to every woman, nor should it be!

  36. I had an ultrasound tech tell me and my husband at 17 weeks that we wouldn’t be able to feel the baby’s kicks on the outside until I was at least 7 MONTHS pregnant!!!! What?!?! SMH…. Of course, this same tech also wrote down that my baby was breech… at 17 weeks?! And then told me I had complete previa and had the physician’s assistant attempt to tell me I was on complete bed rest until further notice without even doing a proper vaginal ultrasound to determine exactly how low the placenta was. I just nodded and smiled and went to a diff dr the following week where I was told it was only borderline previa and would move away in a week or so as my pregnancy progressed. A week and a half later – no more “previa”…. UGH!!!!

    This experience made me so glad I had a midwife this pregnancy instead of a typical OB. And it made me extremely sad that so many women don’t know better, that they don’t even think of questioning their doctor or getting a second opinion!

    • My stepdaughter was told her baby was breech at something like 20 weeks and she would need a section. I assured her the baby will move and breathed a sigh of relief when she found a new doc.

  37. I felt movement at around 10 weeks during both of my pregnancies. Stupid doctor.

  38. This is the opposite of what I usually hear. I don’t often feel movement until about 20 weeks, and they always act all concerned about it. (I have 3 children, and it was roughly the same with each.)

  39. I would LOVE to hear what this doctor would have said when I was able to SEE DD moving at 18 weeks. I had been feeling here for at least 3-4 weeks. She was feisty!

  40. I guess I was just crazy when I felt #1 at 18 weeks, and even more crazy when I felt #2 at 16 weeks, and even more when I felt #3 at 14 weeks! I think 22 weeks is about when I could feel it from the outside!

  41. I felt my daughter for the first time at 15 weeks. My husband felt the faintest of kicks at 19 weeks, the night before he deployed. That doctor is a moron.

  42. By 18 weeks you could SEE my whole belly jumping. Now tell me THAT is ‘just gas’!!

  43. Hahaha…I have proof he was wrong. In my second pregnancy during my 16 week ultrasound my son kicked the wand off my tummy, I felt it and so did the sonographer, obviously :)

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