Aug 162011

“If you go to a midwife, your baby will die in utero and you will bleed out and die!” – Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor to mother who was transferring care to a Certified Nurse Midwife in practice with another group of doctors.

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  25 Responses to “"If You Go To A Midwife, Your Baby Will Die…"”

  1. And the winning PowerBall numbers will be what, Dr. Know-it-All?

  2. mine again. I pretty much explained the whole situation here in the post about a MFM not letting me go past 39 weeks. Pretty much the guy was a jerk and wrong. I have a midwife delivered baby here to prove it. And the kicker? Even on blood thinners I only bleed for 5 days postpartum!

    • I hope you told the doctors in the CNM’s practice that the MFM thought they were a bunch of incompetent doofuses who would kill your baby.

      • I actually DID I found out that my old MFM was known for being an alarmist and using scare tactics.
        my midwifes quite?

        “he is such an alarmist he wets his pants while walking his dog!”

  3. I’m curious how many women are sent to a specialist and are considered “high risk” because of things that *really* aren’t that big of a risk. To the typical OB, just being 35 means you’re about to spontaneously explode or something.

    • OP, I’m so glad to hear that you got away from that idiot.

      I was told I was high risk with my 4th pregnancy because I had had laser surgery on my cervix when I was in my early 20′s, and had had 3 late miscarriages.When I told my midwife that I wasn’t sure if she could help me because I had been called high risk, she laughed and said” It sounds like by the standards of the person who told you that, you would be high risk because you’re alive.”

  4. Guess those 500+ babies that I’ve assisted into this world are just flukes?

  5. Translation:
    If you go to another doctor, I won’t get your money!!!

  6. And then the midwife will die because she realizes what a monster she is, with all these dead babies and mothers around her! And then the EMTs will die from the horror of the scene when they arrive! And then Santa Claus will die just on principle.

  7. You know how they sometimes pull the dead baby card and try to back it up with random, sometimes fake “information” in hopes that you’ll be convinced? This one didn’t even *try* to sound credible!!
    Channa Leah – I’m so glad you weren’t convinced, and that you have your beautiful baby girl! And, only five days? Wow… :D

  8. “Doc, I think your magic 8 ball predicted your future if I don’t leave this office in the next minute. Thanks so much for validating my choice in midwife. Bye!”

  9. I got this from my insurance afew months ago. They called to see if I wanted to take a birthing class they were offering. “No thanks”I said “this is my 3rd and besides my miwife is very helpfull” GASP!!!! “but babies DIE with midwives! I’d be happy to transfer you so you can find a real doctor” All I could do was laugh, tell her Id take my chances and hang up. I’m 36 weeks now….. hope we dont die soon

    • “but babies DIE with midwives! I’d be happy to transfer you so you can find a real doctor”

      Because babies NEVER die while the mother is being attended by a doctor?!


      What a load of hogwash.

  10. This is so insulting!! I’m a midwife and I can guarantee that I am much better at looking after a woman with a normal pregnancy and labour than any doctor!!!

  11. I keep thinking about this post. This doctor’s comment just sounds like part of a trailer for some sort of slasher/horror movie: unsuspecting model for Pea-In-The-Pod steps wide-eyed into a midwife’s office…”come in, my dear! Would you like some tea?”…the door closes slowly as the camera pans down toward the knife gripped behind the psychopath midwife’s back…stab, stab, bleed, die.

    Maybe this doctor is a closet B-movie screenplay author?

  12. So, the 16 month old downstairs playing with his toy chainsaw and terrorizing the dogs must be a zombie.

    That explains EVERYTHING.

  13. Wow! Was that my mom you talked to? That’s exactly what my mom said to me when we started considering home birth.

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