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“Oh honey, bladders don’t hurt. It’s your uterus and it has to come out.” – Gyn to woman who then went on to have an hysterectomy, after which it turned out the problem was indeed in her bladder.

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 June 8, 2011  Gyn  Add comments

  28 Responses to ““Oh, Honey, Bladders Don’t Hurt. It Is Your Uterus And It Has To Come Out.””

  1. O.O I hope you sued.

  2. Dear God!! Oh OP, I am so sorry!!!!!! My heart goes out to you!!!

  3. I guess this MD never heard of interstitial cystitis? So sorry for you!

    • My thoughts exactly. My sister-in-law has this and it is darn well painful. She had a hysterectomy before her problems with IC started, so it definitely the bladder. Stupid doctor.

  4. I can’t imagine finding out the doctor made such a huge mistake. I only hope the OP wasn’t planning for any more kids, but it’s certainly not excusable.

  5. Oh my God. Oh my literal God. I hope she sued for malpractice, negligence, emotional trauma, and whatever else she could add to it.

  6. Bladders don’t HURT?

    Has this idiot ever HAD a urinary tract infection? Because I can tell you bladders darn well DO hurt!

    And having experienced horrific menstrual cramps, I do know the difference between when my bladder hurts and when my uterus hurts.

    I hope this doctor had to pay restitution at the minimum. Even better if they stopped inflicting their ignorance on women altogether.

  7. There are no words. I am SO sorry.

  8. I am speechless. OP I am SO sorry. I would be livid.

  9. !!!… I rarely get shocked on this site anymore, but this is just horrific and shocking…

    OP, I’m so terribly sorry. :(

  10. I don’t know what to say here… just sending my love to the OP. How tragic…

  11. Way to sweeten medical malpractice with a little “honey” there at the beginning to make the woman feel small enough to question her own judgment. :-(

  12. Wow. I can’t even imagine. I pray that you got some sort of justice after this. My midwife’s assistant was able to tell me that the pain I felt on palpation (my 2 day pp check) was my bladder. Most areas of the body will be painful if there is something wrong.

  13. I’m really, really hoping that this was from several years, if not decades, ago.

  14. Oh dear God! OP, I am so sorry that this happened to you. How negligent of that physician.

  15. Oh my gosh, how tragic! I had horrible pelvic pain caused by interstitial cystitis and mild endometriosis, neither of which necessitated a hysterectomy. I’m so sorry, OP.

  16. Do. Not. Oh. Honey. Me.

  17. My heart weeps for you on so many levels. I’m so sorry, OP. :(

  18. Gasp! This is so horrible; I am so sorry, OP.

  19. OMFG! How horrible! I’m so sorry.

  20. I think I know the difference between when my bladder hurts (and I assure you, IT FEELS PAIN) and my uterus hurting. Clearly, this poor woman did, too. What a horrible doctor!

  21. I have no words for this other than COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!! :’(

  22. It was in 2006. As soon as I was in recovery I knew that she hadn’t solved the problem, but at that point she said my bladder hurt from being manipulated during surgery (oh wait ~ I thought bladders didn’t hurt). 10 weeks post-op she finally suggested that I see a urologist and I was diagnosed with IC.

    And no, I didn’t sue. She suspected adenomyosis as the cause of pain and pathology did confirm adenomyosis. I only found a couple of years later that half of women with adenomyosis have no pain. But I did have other symptoms. I think she made a terrible mistake but I also know now that I should have gotten a second opinion.

    • I am so so sorry. I just had a total ab. hyst., by CHOICE after many years of pain. What was done/said to you was very very wrong. I just hope you are okay.


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