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“You know that’s an automatic cesarean section with a transverse baby.” – OB to mother whose baby was transverse at the 29 week prenatal visit.

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  38 Responses to “"…It's An Automatic Cesarean Section With A Transverse Baby."”

  1. While that is true if say, your water breaks and labors progressing and the baby wont turn…. 29 weeks?!


    • With a transverse lie there is an increased risk of umbillical cord prolapse if the water breaks, so you would generally not want to wait for labor or the potential of membrane rupture before doing a cesarean.

      That said…29 weeks is much too soon to worry about a transverse lie. My 3rd baby was transverse until about 33 weeks.

  2. This is just the case to nod and say “I know” and not even argue with the doctor, because if s/he doesn’t understand the concept of time, it’s not worth trying to explain it.

  3. Yeah, you’re missing the other half of this sentence, doc…

  4. I *think* she’s got a little time to turn, doc. >_<

    …said by a transverse baby who didn't turn. ;) My poor mom, though, they didn't know I was transverse until she had already labored all weekend.

  5. Aw heck, my little guy used my hips as a hammock until week 37. Then he turned. No big deal. No c-section.

  6. You forgot “but you still have around 11 weeks for that baby to turn. We can talk more about it as the we get closer to your due date if we even need to”

      • Actually, now (with 11-13 weeks to go) is the time to start talking about ways to help that baby turn: spending time in yoga’s “child’s pose” for a period of time each day, no more reclining seated postures, sitting on a physio ball instead of a chair, etc. I hear from lots of OB-GYN patients that their doctor is concerned about the baby’s position, but offers no ideas about how to change it.

        • Someone just needs to pass out business cards for spinningbabies.com to all the OBs offices so they don’t waste their ‘busy’ time and can just hand mom a card with USEFUL information! You know, in case she wants to know if there’s anything she can do.

          • Seriously! I give that website address out to everyone I know who is pregnant. It helped my transverse baby (at 40 weeks) get head down and ready for action (finally) at 42 weeks.

  7. I had a csection for double transverse twins after my water broke on its own and I labored to 10 cm lol. I was giving them all the time I could to turn. My sOB was pissed and did a chop job. Literally. I have a few “false start” incisions that look a lot like stab wounds.

    • I’m so sorry that happened to you. I hope your doctor gets introduced to Karma.

    • I’d think it should go without saying never to operate when angry–you’re not supposed to drive angry, you sure shouldn’t be cutting into a human being when you are!

      I’m sorry he did that to you :(

    • Wow, a whole new form of defensive medicine: attempting to prevent a VBAC before the mother might get the idea that it’s a good thing. Or so the “false starts” look. Of course, it’s the scar on your uterus that counts, not the ones on your skin.

      Birth is NOT supposed to be a pissing contest, with the doctor “winning.” What a jerk. I’m so sorry.

    • I would encourage you to take pictures of your incision and send them to the head of OB at the hospital as well as the local medical board with a nicely worded letter about you being concerned about this doctor’s competance given that cesarean is a rather routine surgery, but he seemed incapable of cutting the incision correctly. You might also mention that given the condition of your skin incision, you are worried about what your internal incisions and repair look like, and what complications you may have down the road.

  8. My baby was transverse until hours into my labour. I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees waiting for her to turn (in the comfort of my living room), and after 35 hours of labour I had my beautiful girl at home. I’m absolutely certain that if I’d been in the hospital I’d have had a c-section, but I didn’t need so much as a stitch.

  9. At first I was wondering what this commemt was doing here… then I saw 29 weeks. D’oh!

    You know, if there’s no gas in the tank the car won’t run, but it’s silly to bring that up if the tank is still half-full. Unless the doctor plans for the baby to be born that week, it’s irrelevant. But we all know the scare tactics are such a powerful tool.

  10. While I’ve always heard transverse lie is one of the few legitamate reasons for a c-section, this doc definately sounds more like (s)he is just making an excuse to get the mom ready for the inevitablility of the c-section (s)he is *going* to preform regardless of need! My 1st was in a partial transverse position well into the last month of pregnancy and my 2nd was still actively changing positions, including vertex, breech, and transverse within 24 hours of labor. Babies move.

  11. Sheesh, I don’t think any of my kids were head down at 29 weeks. They all turned head down by week 35 or so, though.

  12. Partial list of things that are so much harder than doing a C-section:

    External version.
    The Gaskin Maneuver.
    Freedom of movement combined with use of fetal stethoscope.
    Providing laboring mother with a glass of milk and a sandwich on request.
    Not disturbing the laboring mother unnecessarily so that she can get on with having the baby.
    Turning the stupid clock around to face the wall.

  13. You all just don’t understand! Once you hit that last trimester your pelvic outlet starts secreting a type of mucous with highly adhesive properties. At that point whatever part of your baby touches it becomes stuck there until birth (by c-section, of course). Kinda like fly paper.

    • So not only does your poop get sucked in there, once it’s there it sticks?

      • Eezactly! It’s all just vacuum-powered womb-glue in there. Haven’t you heard the term “sticky shoulders?” Now you know what they were stuck to. “Arrested descent?” Poor babe couldn’t break free of the super suction uterus. It’s all very simple, really.

  14. 29 weeks??????????

    My youngest pulled a great trick on the doctor overseeing the midwife practice. I had an u/s at 39 weeks or so, because they were worried about a “big baby” (macrosomia end of the freaking world, you know). The tech showed me the baby in transverse position, and called the doctor in post-haste. The doctor blew in and immediately started going on about c-section, there’s no room for the baby to turn, he’s too big to turn, etc.

    Finally turned the u/s back on to get a look for herself, and he was vertex! Ha! So much for “too big” and not enough room.

    (So then she wanted me to induce *right then*, so he wouldn’t turn back transverse, and she was worried he’d either get stuck and die, or tear me to shreds, because he was so big. That was a “No” and he was born-head first and 10 lb 8 oz-a little after 42 weeks. Neener-neener, doc)

  15. My brother in law was transverse until the moment m mother in law went into labor. She said he was just waiting for a good book to drop into his lap. (avid reader) At 29 weeks The baby is still doing acrobatics in there! Why try to stress a mom out?

  16. Ok, so not one of my doctors ever talked to me about my babies position. I actually had to ask at week 36 if he was head down.. The doctor felt around said, Ya I think so but that can change anytime between now and labour. and never said anything more about it.

    I have quickly learned that some doctors will use anything to get a mama to section. ahaha I am even now have dreams about it and I am not even pregnant lol.

  17. Speaking as one who had three transverse babies (all in the same position despite every effort made…I laboured to 7 with the first, waited until 42+ weeks with the second and scheduled a c/s with the third. :/) this is a wee bit on the premature side. Just because I am shaped oddly so that my babies don’t turn doesn’t mean anyone else will be. At 29 weeks, this is an absurd discussion.

  18. My 5th was in ‘perfect’ position when I was checked prior to being induced, when labour actually started I felt a huge movement and told the midwives I was sure he’d somersaulted. They explained how stupid I was, as babies can move very little past 35 weeks and are ‘stuck’ in position. The trainee OB popped in to check on my progress and found I was 1-2cm…and a foot was easily felt sticking down! Looking back, the panic that ensued was somewhat amusing-at the time it was contagious, and they worried me with the way they ran around literally shouting that ‘a foot is presenting’. I did try a quick ‘I told you he’d moved’ comment, but was curtly informed it was due to me being too fat (silly me for not realising that by eating too much I’d made my womb bigger!). Several weeks later I was discussing with a friend why I’d had a c-section. She was very surprised, as she’d had twins years ago (they are now in their late 20′s) and the first was breech(feet first) and the second transverse! The midwives tried to manually turn the 2nd baby, leaving her with bruises all over her belly), but in the end a midwife literally reached in and pulled the baby out!

    Sometimes I wonder if the medical staff over complicate things by worrying about what may go wrong, and end up causing a whole new set of problems that have gone wrong! When I had my baby this year, I was lucky enough to have 2 midwives that knew how to deal with breech (although junior turned out to be head down, so all went well anyway), but was shocked to find that these were the only 2 midwives out of about 35+, that had any experience of anything other than ‘perfect positioning’. A sad sign that we are C-sectioning because of even minor ‘problems’ that really are less of a problem than the complications caused by C-sections!

  19. My first baby changed positions frequently up to two days before labor. She was all over the place. I remember the OB freaking out at a late U/S, but then calming down when he realized that changed positions *during* the U/S, and thus could still do so. My MWs assessed position during the last few visits, but there was never any concern about position since she moved so often. She was vertex when labor started, though she was born with a nuchal arm/hand.

  20. This was my “S..OB”…He was also the same guy on here that told me about “letting me VBAC” if I came in at “36weeks and membranes ruptured”. This guy was doing anything he could to get me on the OR table. The 29 week U/S was to check b/c I was measuring “big”. 2 weeks bigger. U/S Report stated the transverse lie. With his back turned to me on his rolling stool he said this to me. Did he think I would have said “oh, yeah. okay..lets schedule that C/S”? Yep..Uhh..no…Got my medical records and got the hell out of there. I found a supportive VBAC grp; just supportive in general of natural childbirth, all very respectful of my wishes. DD did turn vertex by 32weeks. Although I did have to have a C/S (after TOL), I am glad this smuck was not the one to put his dirtbag hands on my daughter, and she chose her birthday. She was born very healthy 10lbs and I know I have a lot to teach her, but when it comes time for her to become a mommy I will make sure to warn her about SOB’s like the first guy.

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