Jan 192011

“Do you know where to put this? Send it to the Wrigley’s Factory; chewing gum for gays.” – OB to nurse while holding a newborn’s recently circumcised foreskin.

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 January 19, 2011  circumcision, OB  Add comments

  128 Responses to “"…Chewing Gum For Gays."”

  1. “This doctor violated the rights of the newborn, his parents, and me (the nurse) by making the comment he did and this sort of behavior needs to stop.”

    I can’t be the only person who read this and actually choked out loud. Really? The OP’s rights were violated by the statements made? The baby’s parents rights were violated? The nurses?

    How misguided and self rightious. The only rights being violated here are the newborns. He was the one subjected to a barbaric, painful and unnecessary procedure. HIS rights were violated and THOSE are the rights that matter here. Shame on you for one, supporting this perverted sexual abuse and double shame on you for failing in your obligation as a healthcare provider to not report this kind of abusive and innapropriate behavior. Shame on the doctor too, but then again, he wasn’t the one who had an issue with what was said and done, you did.

  2. That’s digusting on so many levels. It’s like saying “Here. Send this clitoris to Wrigley’s. Chewing gum for lesbians.” I can’t even believe someone had the nerve to post this on the internet. I must resist the urge to vomit.

    • Don’t shoot the messenger. It was posted on the internet because a *doctor* had the nerve to say it to his nurse. Evil doesn’t go away because we all play nice and don’t mention it on the internet.

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