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“There’s no way a woman your size could ever carry a baby over 8 lbs., and if you did, you’d *NEVER* be able to get it out vaginally.” – Midwife to mother at a prenatal appointment.

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  35 Responses to “"There's No Way A Woman Your Size Could Ever Carry A Baby Over 8 Lbs…"”

  1. I’m sorry…I must have wandered into the wrong office. See: I’m looking for a *Midwife*; an advocate of mothers and babies. Not a medwife…the right hand “yes woman” of the standard all American obstetrician.

  2. 5’3″, 118 lbs before TTC, size 3 in Juniors, 8 lb 10 oz first baby.

    • 95 lbs pre-prego, 5’3″, size zero. 3rd baby, homebirth, 9lbs 2oz head circumference 15in. My others were 2 lbs lighter, so we thought that was probably the biggest baby my body could carry. Yeah, um, not so much.

    • I was going to say something similar. I’m 5’2″, under 100lbs and wear a size 0, except my second was 7 lbs 10 oz. I highly doubt the extra 6oz or so to put him over 8lbs would have made much difference considering how well the labor and delivery went, and my midwife never questioned my ability to birth him. I really hope this person found a new care provider!

    • Me too! 4’10″, 97 lbs pre-pregnancy, my HBAC baby was 8 lbs 7 oz. Go us!

      • 5’1 110lbs 1st baby born in hospital, 6lb 9oz told that I would NEVER birth a baby bigger than 7lb vaginally. 2nd baby, born at home 9lb 3oz

  3. Who keeps selling these idiots their cystal balls?

  4. yup, 5’2″, 110 lbs before pregnant, pushed out a 10 lb baby last December.

  5. You guys! It is entirely possible the midwife was speaking to a woman who was only two feet tall and had a nine-inch waist.

    • Jane is right. This mom-to-be may have growth hormone deficiency. Or she might be a pixie. Gotta be the second, since I’m pretty sure the first she could still give birth to an average size baby vaginally. Otherwise that gene would have left the pool at some point in human history already.

      • I’m thinking this midwife had been hired by Thumbelina.

        Or maybe Tinkerbell. However, if the latter is the case, there is hope: if we all clap our hands and say, “I DO believe in vaginal birth,” she might be able to escape the knife, even if the baby is ginormous.

        Alternatively, maybe the original poster is, in fact, human, and had the bad luck to be talking to an idiot of a midwife. Occam’s Razor would suggest this to be the case.

  6. 5’3″… Had a 8lb 11oz baby in August… C-section due to uterine rupture, but they were hoping I’d VBAC.

  7. Whoops, was looking for a midwife not the psychic friends network. And FWIW – 5’7″ 128 lb before 1st preg — 9.5 lb baby. My mom, 5’10″ 128 lb, 2 10 lbers. So Nyah.

  8. 5’2″ 120 pre-pregnancy
    1: 9#1
    2: 10#6
    3: 10#0

    All vaginal, last two no meds.

  9. oh awesome! a post where I get to brag about how skinny I am!

    111 lb sz. 4 @ 5’6″ pre-pregnancy

    4 babies ranging from 8 to 11 1/2 lb. all born vaginally. at home. with no tearing, even.

  10. 5’2″, 115 pre preg, 10lb 2oz baby born at home over intact perineum. VBAC.

    Very satisfying, especially with comments I had about the cesarean with baby #1! They’d ask how big she was, I’d say 8lbs 14oz, and I’d get a “no wonder!” and.. GRR! Her size was NOT the reason (obviously). I heard of a conversation that took place while I was in labor with her (it lasted over 2 days, I was attempting a home birth and wasn’t keen on giving up before trying half a dozen pushing positions) My SIL was telling.. idk.. her sister? a friend of hers? that I was “STILL in labor” This was probably at least a day into it. The response was, “well of course she is, haven’t you seen her hips?” GAH! At least after pushing out a 10lber I can pretty much tell the naysayers where to shove it.

    • That is a pretty awesome story, actually! Sorry to hear about the CS but glad to hear you got a VBAC. :)

      FWIW, I don’t want kids, but I’m 5’4″ and about 100 pounds (would like to get up to 110 so I can donate blood one of these days, though).

      • I hope this doesn’t sound rude (because I don’t mean it that way, this is straight up curiosity) but what brings you to a site like this if you don’t plan to give birth ever?

        • I got some major beef with the entire obgyn mentality and practice of extraneous surgeries/interventions. Even part of my previous experiences with idiot docs reinforced my no-kids policy; these horrible stories make me feel a little better about my life decisions. Also, I do want to see women have a natural birth experience if they truly want one, not just get hacked into Zoro-style against their better judgement, desire, and without informed consent, or jacked-up on pitocin and other synthetic drugs.

          On a side note, do you know how difficult it is to find a southern man that isn’t programmed to have two dozen plus kids? It took years for me to find one, but he was worth the wait. :)

  11. I’m no skinny girl, but I still believe our bodies will not grow babies we can’t push out. Disclaimer: I know there are medical conditions that cause issues, but the general population of the world is healthy enough to have children naturally.

  12. Note to Medwives, Doctors etc.: 6-9 lbs was considered NORMAL when YOU where born. Get over yourselves.

  13. I’m pretty skinny myself. I had a doctor tell me something similar before I was even pregnant for the first time. Way to boost my confidence, lady. I had a 8lb,2oz baby with a nuchal hand.

  14. So assuming the OB wasn’t talking about a little person, etc., etc. (in which case the issue is less size and more other related complications)…

    What size?

    5 feet tall or under?

    Like about half of all women were before the late 1800s? When babies weighed more than 8 lbs with some frequency?

    119 lbs or less?


  15. I was told something similar by an OB the day before my baby was born. She said baby looked (on u/s) to be about 8lbs and so if we didn’t induce I’d need a c/s. well no induction, unmedicated and 10min of natural pushing and my 8lb 7oz baby was in my arms before she made it to my hosp room.

    Next baby, 9lbs unhindered homebirth with an amazing midwife and just a slight scratch where the OB screwed up my stitches previously.

    I’m 5’3, 105lbs not pregnant, and I was 19 when my first was born and turned 23 two days after my awesome homebirth. I’m small and I’m young and I can still birth healthy sized babies! My goodness is there any end to the insanity? Oh no nature works! How can we possibly scare women into submission if they figure that out!?!

  16. um….I was barely 15, weighed 115lbs tops and gave birth to a 9lbs, 21″ baby…

  17. WTF are you measuring? seriously!

  18. i was 125 lbs and 5’8″ when i got pregnant. i ended up giving birth – naturally – to a 9 lb. 8 oz. boy at 41w, 1d. no pain meds, nothing. i pushed for 30 minutes. i was in labor for less than 5 hours total. he was my first baby. when i went in for my postpartum appointment, the midwife who said this took one look at me and said sorry for being so callous. she also told me what i good job i did to do it w/out pain meds and that she’d keep her mouth shut about stuff like that in the future. so while it shocked me at the time that she’d said that in the first place, at least she learned her lesson.

    also, she was a naval midwife, so she didn’t have the freedom to not be a medwife, unfortunately. she was better than the doc who ended up delivering my son. that guy was a complete jerk. just my luck. and since my husband was in the military at the time and we didn’t have the money to pay out of pocket, i didn’t have the choice to switch to a different doc, otherwise i would have.

  19. I had a midwife tell me I was gaining too much weight, 2nd pregnancy: “Nature doesn’t normally let small ladies have such big babies.” I started out both pregnancies severely underweight (16% BMI) due to underlying health issues. My first was 81b. 14oz. after a 60 1b. weight gain on my part: had her at home, vaginally (duh,) and yes, with some tearing. How come so many “small” ladies DO have 8 lb. + babies, then???

  20. before weighted 113lbs 5’4 =1st pregnancy gave birth to a baby boy albs 3oz head circumference 14. Gave birth at home less than 5 hours labor, pushed less than 20 mins. I had a great midwife she’s been a midwife since the 70′s. She had me pushing throughout my whole 5 hrs of contractions she said so it will be easier and faster delivery. Now, I am pregnant again my midwife already retired I have a new midwife. Idk what how much my baby weight maybe the same from the last time I heard from my OB before I went with a midwife. My first midwife told me, a woman who is 5’7-6’0 were meant to have larger babies 9-10lbs because their hips are bigger and they are taller. They are build to have that much of weight for the baby because if a woman who is 5’7 supposed to eat more calories than an average 5’3 woman. Make sense, Dr’s only wants a quick solution for quick money direct women to C-section!

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