Aug 102010

“Or fine, don’t do what you’re told.” -CNM Midwife to mother who didn’t hear the midwife tell her to stop pushing as she birthed her baby and pushed her baby out.

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  12 Responses to “"…Don't Do What You're Told."”

  1. Don’t do as I’m TOLD? Pardon me? When did I revert back to a 3 year old?

    Trust a MEDwife to say something like this.

  2. This is one of the few times in life where I think the ideal response is “F— you.”

    Doctor/Midwife/Nurse-controlled pushing (when there’s no epidural) is as stupid as me blindfolding the driver and then saying, “Okay, the light is red now. Stay in lane….okay, the street curves to the left here…there’s a pedestrian, so slow down a bit…”

  3. “Fine, I didn’t need you anyway!”

  4. Even overlooking the fact that Mom doesn’t deserve to be treated like a naughty toddler, passive-agressiveness is nowhere near professional in a clinical setting.

  5. I’m pretty sure she was listening, just not to you!

    • I like this one ^ Listening, just not to you! Yeah CNM, Sh!t happens. Don’t take it personally. It wasn’t your birth, it was hers. Did she tear as a result? If the answer is NO quit your complaining. And hey if she tore after you told her to slow down, I guess that is her problem. But you do need to watch your mouth. Take a breather and remember what it is like to be the one in labor. Wait until you have calmed down before you sew her up (assuming). Don’t be an ass and punish her for not listening while she was in the throws of childbirth. It will all be fine in the morning.

  6. how about “congratulations! your kid was born! now I don’t know why I was telling you to stop pushing, you did great!”

  7. This was mine (as was the previous “carbohydrates” post).

    I didn’t have an epidural, and had made it clear to all the CNMs and OBs in the practice that I wanted as natural of a birth as possible and wanted to be upright. When I got through transition and the urge to push hit me, I said “I have to push NOW!” And BAM, I found myself on my back on the bed, with nurses playing stirrups. As my son passed over my tailbone, it was incredibly painful and I said “I need to be upright, this hurts!” The CNM said “You’re almost done, this is better.” As he crowned, the CNM stood up off her stool (I have NO idea why), and as I pushed him out and she scrambled to get back on her stool is when I got the command to “Slow down, you’re going too fast!” As he slipped out is when she uttered this gem of a comment.

    And no, I didn’t tear. Guess I was just going too fast *for her*.

    • Ugh, I’m sorry they put you on your back and did not listen to you. :( It’s awful and feels so disrespectful!

    • Uuugggghhhh! I am sooooo sorry you went through this! This is why I am DONE with hspitals (if I can help it) for birthing a baby! The worst part is, it’s not like you can physically fight them when there is a head literally coming out of your vagina! If you make your wishes known before AND during the birth, you should be respected, end of story!

    • Maybe she had to sneeze? Something was going on that she thought she was the center of the universe when clearly she was #3 or maybe 4 after you and your baby and even the proud papa. Well I’m proud of you. You delivered your baby all by yourself! You should file a formal complaint and at least let the other members of the practice know she has a listening problem.

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