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“Gone are the good old days when you gals would be all shaved up for us before we got in here, miss those days!” -OB to mother during the repair of her tear after birth.

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 March 29, 2010  OB, Third Stage  Add comments

  25 Responses to “"Gone Are The Good Old Days When You Gals Would Be All Shaved Up For Us…"”

  1. Apparently also gone are the good old days when people kept their rude opinions to themselves…?

  2. “I’m so sorry I didn’t think of getting a Brazilian in early labor to make your JOB easier!”
    *dripping sarcasm*

  3. OK, that misogynistic drivel just ruined my day. I think I need a break from this site. :-(

  4. If he’s old enough to remember those ‘good ol days’, it’s time to put that nag out to pasture. Or the glue factory.

  5. Yes, cause we all know that your comfort and convenience should be our only concern when we’re getting ready to give birth. *insert eye roll here*

  6. I’m sorry but when I was that pregnant I couldn’t even see down there to do something like that let alone have it all “groomed”

    • I think this doc was referring to the antiquated barbaric practice of forcing each laboring woman to have her pubic area shaved upon entering the hospital, not to a woman choosing to shave/wax/etc. by her own preference.

      And he apparently thought forced pubic shaving was a good thing. Barf.

      • I get the opposite comment LOL

        I get laughed at because I have almost no hair, so shave it so it doesnt look like a bad comb-over. The midi during the break didnt realise this was my norm, and I got “you know, you didnt have to shave, they dont need you to do that any more”. My husband cracked up laughing!

  7. “Before we got ‘in here..”. Lovely.

    We, however, do NOT miss those days.

  8. And gone are the good ole days when giving birth was women’s work and men were made to stay the heck out of the way and mind their own business! Bleck!

  9. And I miss the good old days when most births happened at home and were attended by midwives.

  10. Not to belittle dairy farmers (we have a couple close friends of my family), cattle ranchers, or Texans, but the image that come to mind is some old wizened cowboy, hat included, chewing on something as he works on a heifer. That’s probably about the way he sees his work, too.

    RETIRE, DUDE. (Pun intended.)

  11. Honestly, if this happened to me, I’d probably just shrug my shoulders and say, “Oh, well, guess it sucks to be you then, doc,” with loads of sarcasm. I’m not gonna get myself all worked up trying to explain to this idiot why I’ve had to change my normal grooming routine a little. Can’t see anything below my belly first of all, and I really could care less at this point. Now that I think about it, I would’ve told him, “You think that’s bad, you should see my armpits,” just to see the look on his face lol!

  12. I shave. But it’s not for any OB’s convenience, it’s because my being autistic gives me sensory issues, and my hair tickles me to the point where I want to scream. Just one of those coincidences, I guess.

    The good old days – would those be the “good old days” of fourth degree episiotomies and husband stitches, perchance?

  13. Heard an old OB say that all that pubic hair was so distracting for him! He tried to get us to hand him the razor when he started working at our hospital and we told him that we could not find it. He then must have told his patients to come in shaved and they did!

  14. All of this OB commentary pisses me off. I pray somebody says something to me about the looks of my twat. A big time ass chewing will ensue!

  15. Although completely inappropriate to say to the MOTHER!!!, when we are stitched up anywhere, it is usually helpful if there is not hair there so the stitching can be precise, and when we are talking about down there, I want it to be pretty darn precise. If that doc thought that would be helpful, I’d be like “Here’s a razor, go for it!” After all the other crazy interventions in a hospital birth, I think that is the lesser of a thousand evils!! But again, doc needs to remember he is dealing with an individual woman, not cattle on an assembly line! Yikes- Some couth please!!!!

    • Um, dunno about you, but I’ve hever had hairy labia or a hairy clitoris, or a hairy perineum. Seems to me the hair grows around, but not on, the bits that may need to be sutured. But then, my hoo-ha is somewhat ancient, so perhaps I’m misremembering . . .

      • The lower Labial hair can still get caught up in the stitching when they are repairing a perineum… Its kind of long and curly, and hard to keep out of the way…

  16. Well the women of the good old days were the absolute best, unlike today which many of them really do stink.

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