Feb 062010

“You’re nursing too much; you’ll get nipple breakdown” -Postpartum Nurse to new mother after birth.

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 February 6, 2010  breastfeeding, L&D Nurse  Add comments

  17 Responses to “"…You'll Get Nipple Breakdown."”

  1. why are people so dumb? What do they think we did before bottles and formula? duh…and these are the professionals. God help us all

  2. What the hell???

  3. What the heck is a “nipple breakdown”?! I looked in all my breastfeeding books and couldn’t find this ANYWHERE. ;) Must be some rare complication that’s only this nurse has been privy to.

    Seriously, can someone explain what a nipple breakdown is? Besides a great name for a band, of course.

  4. What in heaven’s name is ‘nipple breakdown’?
    Is it like an expiration date? Or like batteries that only have so many hours of usage and then they just die??

  5. Oh CRAP! I’ve been nursing my son for almost 3 years… when will I get ” nipple breakdown”????
    wow, that is a bright one right there.

  6. I get that she’s concerned… but all I can think is- do you take them to a nipple mechanic when you have a nipple breakdown?

  7. a nurse tried this on me during my last hospital birth. That baby nursed about 90% of the first day, but he was my third nurser and my other two babies had nursed two and three years. So things were about as good as they were going to get.

    The nurse came in about 12 hours after the baby was born and said, “You’re going to get sore nipples doing that!”

    I snapped back, “I am not!” and she slunk out of the room. I’m such a troublemaker. >;-)

  8. nipple breakdown? o_O is that a technical term?

  9. “Is that like ‘break it down’? Oh, oh, will they do the Hammer Dance?!”

  10. I burst out laughing at this one.

    I’ve been breastfeeding at least one of my two children every day for almost six years. I have yet to get nipple breakdown.

  11. Let’s use it in a sentence.

    “My boobs had a nipple breakdown when they realized the stock market crashed”

    Doesn’t make any sense now does it. Better get those nips a therapist or they are gonna end up in a mental hospital. LOL

  12. Huh. You know that glorious day when you take off your newborn’s diaper, and there’s the stump of the umbilical cord, after breaking down and detaching? I have the same visual now of taking my bra off and finding two nipples rolling around in it…

    My other irreverent thought is…I wonder if that nurse uses that line on her husband? “Honey, you’re making love too much…”

  13. Jane, I had the same experience you did. I was nursing my third, and yes, after you’re used to nursing a 2-year-old, your boobs are going to get a workout. Big deal. They came in and made a stink about it and I said, “Then get me some Lansinoh!” Turns out I had nursed longer than the lactation consultant… *sigh*

  14. I snorted at this one… and then laughed harder and harder as I read my way through the comments! :D

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