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“Don’t worry, if we see that, we will be sure to call for an emergency cesarean, because it would mean your colon is being compressed and can cause damage to your pelvic floor.” – OB to mother when mom asks about her fear of defecating on the delivery table.
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 January 23, 2010  OB, pushing  Add comments

  30 Responses to “"…Your Colon Is Being Compressed And Can Cause Damage To Your Pelvic Floor."”

  1. Are you kidding me?! So, does this OB give almost everyone a c-section? Because most women DO poop while giving birth!

  2. Agreed, Molly – I am also curious as to how one can have a baby come out of one’s vagina without any colon compression? Doesn’t EVERYTHING get compressed because a baby is passing by it?

  3. So the response to a woman’s potential embarrassment is to cut her open?

  4. I was told to push like I was having the biggest bowel movement of my life. How on earth would I not poop?! Oh, maybe if I hadn’t been sneaking food…

  5. Some of these I just stare at in disbelief.

  6. O.M.G. Are you kidding me? More lies and utter crap (pun intended!). This OB should lose his/her license.

  7. I think the OB was probably trying to make a joke, but sometimes OB’s weren’t comedians for a reason.

    • I dunno — the use of the word “emergency” would make just about any woman think, “Oh NO!!” so now she’s going to be so inhibited she’ll barely push at all.

  8. what what what!!!! That’s insane!

  9. Hmm. So I had an aquarium fish net in my (home)birth kit for what reason?

    I know very few women who *didn’t* slip out a poop during the pushing phase, and those who say they didn’t probably just didn’t know!

    • I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few who didn’t – I actually had a mirror pointed at my crotch as I pushed (my midwife suggested it and I eagerly agreed!) so I’m sure I would have seen it if I had. However, once they got my pitocin going at the start of labour I had to poop really bad and ran off to the bathroom to do so… and people kept coming in as I was busy pooping. Sigh. So yeah, I didn’t get out of labour without people seeing me poop. :p

    • I didn’t during any of my four labors. Until a few months ago, I thought I had with my second, because I felt the doctor wipe me down there, but hubby told me he was just wiping blood. I mentioned it to him when we were discussing my last birth and he told me then. I had gone four years thinking I had, only to find out I hadn’t.

  10. With the greatest respect, don’t these people learn anatomy and physiology at medical school? Mayes’ Midwifery, edited by Betty Sweet, can be bought off Amazon for about £20. It would be a good basic text for them…

  11. Sometimes OB is spelled MORON….sigh.

  12. I’ve never seen a mother give birth vaginally and NOT poop. Its pretty unavoidable.

    • It does happen on occassion, I didn’t pass a stool while in active labor, including 3 hours of pushing. about 24 hours before labor onset I got diaria (sp?) and it cleaned everything out of my system, stopped right after labor started. And I didn’t just ‘not know’ (as many people seem to assume whenever a woman says they didn’t void) because I was in a birth tub and the evidence would have been obvious.

      • Yeah, you’re right. In a long labor I could see a woman not pooping.

        RE the birth tub thing though. I didn’t notice at all that I pooped in the birth tub, but apparently I did and the midwives scooped with the net when I wasn’t looking.

        • My VBAC 3 months ago was the result of 5 days of labor (prodromal straight into hard active), and as a result of my constant bathroom visits prior to and during labor, I didn’t poop while pushing my daughter out.

        • We had been silly enough to forget to buy a net, so were using a rather large colendar to collect things out of the tub. And during pushing said colendar was still in kitchen after having been washed from previous uses (random little floaties from the prebirth).

  13. I didn’t poop while delivering, although I was worried about it a little (I have Crohn’s Disease). However, my body took care of all that for me by doing it during early labor (while still at home) instead! LOL

  14. It is possible for the mom not to notice, so I told my midwife that if I ask if I did, this is the only situation in which she should please lie to me. :)

  15. I didn’t know about this happening when I had my daughter, but wasn’t surprised, based on how hard I was pushing. I was HORRIFIED though – the nurse wiped it away and made the worst face, like she was truly disgusted that she had to do that. I thought that was really sad.

  16. This is honestly one of my biggest fears, but they’re sure not cutting me open just because of it!

  17. I did not…but I had a long labour and cleared everything out beforehand. :-p

    Is it just me or does that OB quote sound almost like a veiled intimidation attempt so that the woman won’t poop on his table?? Or was he simply grooming her for a c-sec?

  18. Consider this: when the baby descends into the pelvis, it is the biggest thing there. Anything else in the pelvis (ie in the bowel)will be squeezed out with the baby. In the 150- odd births I have facilitated, I would say that the woman’s bowels have opened in more than half the cases. Women worry about it happening, but it is pretty much inevitable. A good midwife just won’t tell you, and simply clean up as it happens.

  19. I did with my daughter, and I was embarrassed. I had been eating ALL DAY the day before- righ tup until I went into labor around midnight (daughter was born early in the morning the day after Christmas), so there was actually quite a bit. I got no “looks” or anything, the midwives at my birth center just took care of it and I am immensely grateful. Bathroom “issues” with privacy is a big deal for me. If it had been treated any other way, it would have seriously affected me.

  20. I apparantly did with the pushing of my son (I asked my hubby later on and was horrified that he said yes!) but with my daughter I didn’t notice as my pushing was 20 min and very intense. But really it makes sense that it would happen. For this birth it’s a home water birth, so we have the net just in case :) But it is still a fear of mine that it’ll happen..just be embaressing that’s all.

  21. The stupid just hurts my head…

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