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“I’m not going to strip your membranes. I’m going to give you a *cervical massage*” -Midwife

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  15 Responses to “"…I Am Going to Give You A Cervical Massage."”

  1. Couldn’t you just rub my back instead?

  2. I had a partner of my OB give me a rough exam, lost part of my mucous plug and had contractions for two days straight. I didn’t ask for it, and was about 36 weeks I think. Next time I asked my OB if the other would have stripped my membranes and she said “not without consent.” Well, then she needed to learn to be more careful. I will not allow end of pregnancy checks unless there is a problem…and am considering avoiding checks in labor too…

  3. My CNM called it “massaging the cervix” too. I had no choice, she just did it during a vaginal exam without even informing me it was going to happen. When it became obvious that I was in a lot of pain, she explained what she was doing, but I was not familiar with the term and had no idea what it was. It was months later before I realized that she had actually stripped my membranes.

  4. Actually, I think that “cervical massage” might actually be different than stripping membranes. I’m picturing the care provider rubbing the cervix between two fingers…kind of a super-invasive membrane stripping. As if membrane stripping weren’t bad enough. :-(

  5. @ Knitted,

    I recently read one CNM say that if the cervix is not dilated enough to allow membrane stripping, “all you can do” is cervical massage (which she thinks/hopes will help ripen the cervix and hasten the onset of labor, the same as with stripping; or else that massaging the cervix will help it to dilate, so that later she can strip the membranes). Never having had either (as far as I know), I couldn’t tell you the difference, but wouldn’t want it either!

  6. My L & D nurse found some scar tissue on my cervix during her initial exam and she said she massaged it out. I had already ruptured and was in active labor, but was only dilated a fingertip. She said I immediately jumped to 2 cm. Birth was 5 hours later. So my experience of cervical massage was legit. My nurse had an unassisted home birth and was 100% supportive of my natural VBAC.

  7. My doctor said that I wasnt dilated and that she could not strip my membranes but she said she massaged the cervix, what does that due, can that bring on my labour or help me to dilate? How soon can it start to help(dilation or labour)Very desperate for this little man to come out!

  8. A very effective thing to do to prepare the cervix for labor is to massage your own cervix with evening primrose oil (health food store) and take the capsules orally. Once a day, top and bottom. :) But ONLY once you’re past 36 weeks, because it really works.

  9. Jill, I always say that there is a time & place for just about every intervention, and you have illustrated that here. I’ve heard of other women who had scar tissue “massaged” to help it break up so they could dilate.

    But doing it at 36 weeks, or at ANY time without consent? Not cool.

  10. I had a 10 lbs 2 week late baby. Membrane stripping, every at home remedy and even a first induction did NOT bring about the birth of my child. the first induction was simply using the pitocin gel. I was 0% and 0cm when i got there and the same 8 hours later. 7 days later I had a full on induction. I asked to have my membranes stripped, it doesn’t “always” work

  11. It amazes me. My midwife did not do a single internal exam until after I was in labor and at the hospital (compromise with DH, midwife in the hospital). I had one when I was admitted and 1 after 8 hours of labor (no progress, ended up with a ruptured uterus and C-section which both midwife and mom, who is midwife, agreed was actually necessary). Why do they feel the need to stick their fingers in there all the time?

  12. With my second child. The nurse massaged my cervix. An hour later my membranes ruptured and I was in active labor for four hours until my son was born. I wish someone would have done this with my first baby. Now that I am expecting my third I would appreciate the help if my labor is not progressing very quickly. I found it uncomfortable but not painful.

  13. Cervical massage is used for a couple of reasons. One is to attempt to massage scar tissue if the woman has had any previous cervical procedure. Scar tissue prevents the tissues of the cervix from dilating. The other is to get the cervix to relax and recede.

  14. I will try this. Thank you. The last time I had a pap smear done, I was told that my cervix was scarred. This prevented me from going into labor with my second child. If I had only known about this then I would have tried it and save myself the pain of a second c-section. I am pregnant again and as soon as I get past 36 weeks I will begin the self massages.

  15. I have never heard of this but I’m fascinated! Can anyone point me to some info on how you actually do this? Studies that show how safe and/or effective it is?

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