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“Well, we can break your water and have a baby, or you can stay pregnant forever.” -OB who ruptured a patient’s membranes without permission, during an induction, while mom was at 2 cm.

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 October 3, 2009  AROM, induction, OB  Add comments

  5 Responses to “"…Or You Can Stay Pregnant Forever."”

  1. Well, that would certainly be one for the medical journals. I don’t think there’s ever been a documented case of someone staying pregnant forever.

  2. I had my last one in the caul…huh.

  3. As if those were the only 2 options?

  4. [...] this list was offered up on the the blog, My OB Said What?!? : If we don’t induce, you’ll “stay pregnant forever!” (Cue scary [...]

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