Sep 292009

“Uh…you can only see one of those in a museum!” -OB when asked by patient to use a fetoscope instead of a doppler when listening for fetal heart tones during a prenatal visit.

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 September 29, 2009  OB, prenatal  Add comments

  12 Responses to “"Uh…You Can Only See One Of Those In A Museum!"”

  1. Uhh, wow! *I* have one of those and I’m a 28yo, not even in the business! They’re not that hard to find!

  2. Pretty soon *he’ll* be in a museum.

  3. A quick (10 second) Google search yields hundreds of results for “fetoscope.” Clicking the very first link takes me to a site that will sell me one of these “museum pieces” for $19.98 + shipping. So, not hard to find.

    They’re not even hard to use either. I borrowed one from a friend during my last pregnancy, and my husband was able to find the heartbeat the very first attempt. Hardly rocket science. But then, it’s not a machine that goes “ping” so it holds little interest to the technologically addicted. :-P

  4. That’s all my midwives used during prenatal visits! They didn’t break out the doppler until I was in the birthing tub. I thought about buying a fetoscope to use at home but my husband was able to find the heartbeat just by laying his head on my belly. :)

  5. Ebay is a great source for these brand new.

  6. Bravo Kat!!! In a museum….thats funny!

  7. I better rush mine to the museum then. Hope I get a fortune for it. I bought it for $25.

  8. That’s what I was told when I requested a doppler instead of an ultrasound.

  9. When I was training, we HAD to learn to use one- my mentor at the time said when you can find a ticking watch through a pillow you know you can use one. The thing is, the fetoscope (or Pinard) hears the actual heartbeat whereas a doppler only hears an echo. In our modern, well equipped, consultant led unit, every labour room has a Pinard in the CTG drawer. I still use one occasionally, just to check I still can

  10. Huh, thats interesting considering my midwives use one all the time.

  11. That’s exactly what my OB said to me when I asked to use one instead of a doppler and I had just purchased one the day before online.

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