Sep 282009

“Some day you’ll get to do this too.”-Mom whispering in 1968 into her newborn daughter’s ear, refering to her nonmedicated, natural birth just minutes before.

“Oh no she won’t! By then they’ll all be Cesareans.” -OB, from his seat at the end of the delivery table where he was sewing up a tear.

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 September 28, 2009  birth, Cesarean, OB  Add comments

  10 Responses to “"…By Then They'll All Be Cesareans."”

  1. Sadly, he was nearly correct.

    Of course, I would love to erase his comment and just take in the absolute sweetness of what that mother whispered to her daughter!

  2. Oh wow. This one gave me chills…

  3. =-0

    Well.. he was pretty close!

  4. Prophetic.

    Also, nice way to break up a lovely family moment. So tender.

  5. It seems like making all births expensive surgical experiences is still the goal of too many OBs. All the more reason to leave low-risk care to midwives, and call in the surgeons only when they are actually necessary.

  6. I wish we had midwives supported by legislature around here.

  7. A really beautiful comment, I enjoyed it and wanted to just let it sink in. Its scary that this OB was prophetic in a way, but all hope is not lost. See my blog series in August 2009 where I discussed the rising c-section rate in detail

  8. Ditto Michele…and brought tears to my eyes.

  9. First off, I love what the mom said to her daughter! How beautiful.

    Second – How scary that what the OB said is heading to the truth.

  10. As a woman “born” by cesarean in 1968, who has had five unwanted cesareans myself, I find that comment…chilling.

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